Thursday, November 5, 2009


I sit here in wonder
In awe and disgrace
Of terms and my trials
That I cannot embrace

My life has passed by
It burned up in flames
All faces and characters
Lived on with no names

No sense of my pride
All down the drain
No wine and no blood
Will flow through these veins

As god as my witness
And cherubs as jury
My days will come pass
I'll full their fury

A life has been wasted
Time has ticked by
Remorse and disdain
I won't fly to the sky

I sit here and wonder
Sullen in rain
As minutes turn to hours
I live on with this pain.



  1. What a lovely poem Metallman!I hope the mooody blues will go away with the rain. :)

  2. I came via Adgi today, have a good one! :)

  3. I like poems that evoke feeling, emotions. Yours most certainly does that. You sound like you need a hug.....I'll leave ya one.