Monday, November 16, 2009

Need Some Awesome Speakers for Your iPod?

Hey there friends. We've all seen the commercials for iPods. People dancing, while walking down the street with earphones listening to iPods. The white earphones are almost iconic and once someone sees them, they instantly recognize that the user is listening to an iPod. The problem with earphones is that you cannot share the iPod with friends and you're the only one listening to music while shutting everyone else out. Well, not anymore! Check out the Yamaha PDX-60 Ipod speakers!

This easy to use and portable bad boy runs on wireless technology so that you can use it everywhere and anywhere. It uses the Yahama "Yaired" technology to ensure that your Ipod will get superior sound quality without any lag. And since the iPod can be charged at both the speaker and it's cradle, you'll never have to worry about the iPod running out of juice. Did I mention that it's compatible with the iPhone as well? Imagine watching a movie on you iPhone and experiencing rich, quality sound to go along with it?

We don't own a radio at home. All the music that we listen is music that we have on CDs or bought off of iTunes. All of which is placed in our iPod. Our iPod works as our music player at home. The downside to this is that we can only listen to it when it's plugged into our computer or for single use when my wife and I are working out. Having a device like this would greatly enhance our music experience. Since we won't have to share a set of headphones while working out, we would be able to listen to our workout mix and do exercises without being attached to each other by headphones. And the fact that it's wireless really takes the cake. No one likes wires. They can be messy and look awful all bunched up in a corner. The fact that the Yamaha PDX-60 can go anywhere really makes it the device to use for all our iPod listening needs.

The black one above is more my taste, but if my wife finds out that there's a pink one available, she may fight tooth and nail to get that one. lol It comes in four colors (pink, blue, black, and grey) so that you can color coordinate it to your iPod. Technically, it's my wife's iPod so she may end up winning the battle of the color. It's ok though. As long as we're both enjoying the music, I can't complain. Later!


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