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Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Not Going to Gen Con Indy This Year. Unless...

Hey there.  As the title suggests, I do not plan on attending Gen Con Indy this year and I am extremely disappointed.  Gen Con Indy is scheduled from August 15th through the 18th and I was hoping that I would be able to raise enough funds to get a plane ticket over there and enjoy my 4 day press pass.  But alas, it's not meant to be.  Why?  Well... 2 things actually.  I haven't been as active as I would like to have been online these past few months due to me getting things together in my personal life.  Second, because of that, I haven't earned as much online income as I would have hoped so there simply are no funds available for me to use to get to Indy.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Metallman's Reverie Update

Metallman here, with today's update
Hey there.  I just wanted to drop by and a leave a quick post about what's going on at Metallman's Reverie. I haven't had much time as of late since I've been working on other projects so I want to give you guys a run down as to what the game plan is.  I want to update you guys on the fundraising, the reviews, the giveaways, and the events planned.  So let's get to it.

First off, the Get a Life podcast is not dead.  lol  I've gotten some reader feedback asking when the next episode is going to air.  My Get a Life partner in crime is traveling at the moment so we decided that it we would take a few weeks off while he travels the north east part of the country.  We'll resume the podcast once he settles in and we're good to go.  I'm genuinely flattered that some of you guys are asking about it.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  lol

Monday, May 20, 2013

Buying Metallman a Beer #2

Thank you, Shane Dickson, for buying Metallman a beer!  CHEERS!
Hey there.  Time to honor another awesome fan that took the time to contribute to Metallman's Reverie!  The beer chosen?  A Paulaner Hefe-Weizen Natural Wheat beer!  Thank you, Shane Dickson!  Shane is also known as the OregonSlacker and he loves himself some gaming!  Make sure to check out his facebook page and check out the pictures he has of some of the gaming competitions that he's taken part in and take a glance at his pretty awesome gaming PC!  Thanks for the support, my friend!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Buying Metallman a Beer #1

Thank you, Christina Bandy, for buying Metallman a beer!  CHEERS!!!
Hey there! I've started a fundraiser!  When I first started the fundraiser, I figured that it would be a great way to ask friends and family to donate to the website.  The deal is that if you buy Metallman a beer, I would have a beer (or a cup of joe if you prefer) in your honor, post a picture, and give you a shout out as a way of saying thanks for supporting Metallman's Reverie, AND provide you with a link to your Twitter or FB Page if you wish.  I intended the beer thing to be only available for my birthday, but eh... I decided to keep it going number the posts to keep tabs on how many people have donated.  Hopefully, I'll have a good turnout and I'll have many people donating to the site.  And today, we honor the first contributor!  So here's to you, CHRISTINA BANDY, for being awesome enough to be the first to buy Metallman a beer!  Make sure you guys stop by her facebook and twitter feeds let her know how awesome she is for being a part of the "Buy a Beer" campaign!  Thanks!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Metallman!

Hey there. Today is my birthday! After doing the math, I discovered that today I turn 31. lol Yeah, I don't really keep track of how old I am. I don't see a need for it. My wife is usually the one that tells me, and others, how old I am. Anyways, I've been away from the blogging scene for about 2 weeks now. I needed to clear my head for a bit. I have many thoughts and ideas that I want to implement in my life and career and need to sort that out before I can focus on my writing. I think I've gotten it straightend out now.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The 5th Annual Walk for Lupus

5th Annual Walk for Lupus Now!
Saturday, September 24, 2011
Los Angeles
Walk for Lupus Now

Hey there.  Help spread the word on the 5th annual Walk for Lupus!  The mother of a friend of mine suffers from Lupus and my friend has started her own fund raising team, Team Nancy, to walk and raise money for lupus research.  Let's help Team Nancy reach their humble goal of $100!  You can donate anywhere from $1 to infinity to help their cause and if you want to register to walk, or start your own team, you can find all the information here.  Thank for the donations, friends.  Every little bit helps!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Southeast Warriors Fundraiser - Clippers Vs Suns

Hey there. I support the local kid's basketball team, The Southeast Warriors, and they are currently raising funds for equipment and tourney fees. As a means to entice some support, they are currently offering NBA basketball tickets for the game between the Los Angeles Clippers vs. The Phoenix Suns on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010.

So if you're in the LA area and are interested in checking out The Staples Center to catch Amare Stoudemire, Steve Nash, and crew go against Kris Kaman, Baron Davis and the rest of the Clippers, shoot me an Email to show some support. Tix are available on a first come first serve basis and they only have a limited amount so I'd jump on it since $15 is not bad at all. As far as seating goes, I'm being told that they have seats in the "300 section" but I'm sure that that will exclude the midcourt view. Here's the seating chart for The Staples Center so that you'll get an idea on where the 300s are located at. Many thanks, friends. Later!


Monday, November 16, 2009

LeapFish and Make-a-Wish Foundation Team Up to Make Dreams Come True

Hey there friends. I'm glad that something like this came up. Recently, my family has been through a tough ordeal with my cousin's sickness so seeing a worthy cause like this definitely warms my heart. Jacob, a young one of 4 years old, has Atresia. By definition, Artresia is the "absence of a normal opening or failure of a structure to be tubular." This can affect anything in tubular nature such as the esophagus, the aorta, pulmonary valves, to name a few. Needless to say, the disease is life threatening and claims hundreds of young one's lives a year. LeapFish and Make-a-Wish Foundation have teamed up to alleviate some Jacob's pain and is granting his wish to go to Disneyland. But to do that, they need our help.
Help out by participating in Leapfish's tweet-a-cause. Leapfish is donating $.05 for every tweet that is done through the link. Simply click the link and then click on the "click to tweet" button. It's that easy. At the time of this posting, there have been 833 tweets and that includes my own.

It's that easy to help out a ill boy achieve a goal. Please check out the tweet-a-cause and send out your tweets. If you care to donate a little more, they site makes it easy to donate a little more than the $.05 that your tweet will generate. Let's work together to help Jacob realize his dream. Thanks, friends.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Dr. Oetker: The Shake & Pour Master

Hey there friends. My wife loves to bake. She'll make us cakes, cupcakes, muffins, or cookies and when she does it, she makes it a family affair. Our kids will help with mixing the batter while another butters up the pan. Before we know it, there's a huge mess in the kitchen; the mixer goes off the bowl, egg yolk that didn't quite make it into the bowl, batter splatter across the counter. It's great family fun, not so great family cleaning. But with the new line of Dr. Oetker Shakers, we can continue the family time and drastically reduce the mess.

What are Dr. Oetker Shakers? They are the extremely convenient shakers in which you only need to pour water or milk in and shake it up to create the perfect batter. Their shakers come in a wide variety and include favorites such as Chocolate Cupcakes, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and Blueberry Muffins. Because the shakers are so convenient to use, I'm sure that you'll find yourself baking more often making family baking time more frequent.

Dr. Oetker is also having a daily sweepstakes for a chance to win $1200 Visa Card. You can register at their site and submit an entry a day for your chance to "Shake Up a Winner" with Dr. Oetker products.

So the next time the PTA announces that there will be a bake sale going on for your kid's school, don't hide in the back and hope to sneak in something small. Go grab some Dr. Oetker shakers and easily whip up some of the best home made cupcakes and muffins for the sale.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Log Your Miles To Help Find A Cure To Breast Cancer

Hey there friends. Breast Cancer accounts for nearly 33% of the cancer detected in women. That's a fact that is stated in the Breast Cancer Facts & Figures section of We don't need a month to bring awareness to this horrible disease. It's something that should be year round and if I can help spread the word, or help an organization aid in funding research, I will. This is why I have registered with Bumblebee Foods' BeeWell Miles program. Sign up is quick and easy and Bumblebee Foods is donating $.15 to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength® for every mile you log in the website. They are donating up to $150,000 and if everyone pitches in, we can easily hit the 1,000,000 miles needed for the company to donate an additional $50,000. We have until 10/31/09.

Easy, right? You walk, you run, you help save lives. It really can't get much easier, but it does get better. Everyday that you log in your miles, you will gain one entry to win an instant prize. You can also receive a coupon for $15 off Lady Footlocker (Min $75 purchase), $5 Subscription to Health Magazine, or other great prizes by entering the code found on specially marked cans of Bumblebee Foods. You simply enter the code here and see if you're a winner. The website also makes it extremely easy to calculate your miles. Enter two addresses (or land marks, or two points on the map provided) and miles will be calculated for you. There is also this nifty tool where you can log your meals, nutrition, miles, and activities so that you can do a side by side comparison on how many calories are being burned compared to how many are being entered in your body. All for the sake being active and health conscience.

Check out my profile, sign up, and become my friend. Yes, it shows a bunch of 0's now, but that's because I signed up prior to this post, but I want that "I Made a Difference" badge and I need to log 100,000 miles for it. It's quick and it's easy and you'll not only help a noble cause, but be healthier because of it as well. Later!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Southeast Warriors Fundraiser

Hey there friends. My cuz is spearheading a fundraiser for the local kids basketball team. The kids have a tournament that they are trying to get in to during the Thanksgiving week but are a little short on funds. The fundraiser is targeting adults that would like to spend a day at Harrah's Casino in San Diego. Raffles and games will be played and food and drinks (coffee, soda, water, BEER) will be given to all participants. Each ticket is $25 so if you're interested in helping out our local kid's basketball team, please shoot me an Email and I will give you the details. The trip takes place this Saturday. You need to live in the southern California area to attend but if you want to donate any funds, please use the donate button on this page. Anyone that makes a donation of a dollar or more will have a link on my site for the remainder of the year under the "Supporters of the Southeast Warriors". Make sure you leave your online "identity" in the description so that you can get your link up. Many thanks friends and thanks for the support. Later!

Here is the team and their coaches. They won first place in the San Diego NJB Tournament.