Thursday, April 23, 2009

Log Your Miles To Help Find A Cure To Breast Cancer

Hey there friends. Breast Cancer accounts for nearly 33% of the cancer detected in women. That's a fact that is stated in the Breast Cancer Facts & Figures section of We don't need a month to bring awareness to this horrible disease. It's something that should be year round and if I can help spread the word, or help an organization aid in funding research, I will. This is why I have registered with Bumblebee Foods' BeeWell Miles program. Sign up is quick and easy and Bumblebee Foods is donating $.15 to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength® for every mile you log in the website. They are donating up to $150,000 and if everyone pitches in, we can easily hit the 1,000,000 miles needed for the company to donate an additional $50,000. We have until 10/31/09.

Easy, right? You walk, you run, you help save lives. It really can't get much easier, but it does get better. Everyday that you log in your miles, you will gain one entry to win an instant prize. You can also receive a coupon for $15 off Lady Footlocker (Min $75 purchase), $5 Subscription to Health Magazine, or other great prizes by entering the code found on specially marked cans of Bumblebee Foods. You simply enter the code here and see if you're a winner. The website also makes it extremely easy to calculate your miles. Enter two addresses (or land marks, or two points on the map provided) and miles will be calculated for you. There is also this nifty tool where you can log your meals, nutrition, miles, and activities so that you can do a side by side comparison on how many calories are being burned compared to how many are being entered in your body. All for the sake being active and health conscience.

Check out my profile, sign up, and become my friend. Yes, it shows a bunch of 0's now, but that's because I signed up prior to this post, but I want that "I Made a Difference" badge and I need to log 100,000 miles for it. It's quick and it's easy and you'll not only help a noble cause, but be healthier because of it as well. Later!


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