Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Metallica's Top 10 Must Hear Songs

Hey there. America's greatest metal band, Metallica, has recently been inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and what better way to commemorate the band than with a top 10 list, of what I believe to be, their greatest songs. Considering that the band has been creating masterpieces since 1981, the catalog of music is there to do a top 100! They have endured tragedy and have overcome hardships yet the music that resonates from Metallica will live on forever. Now, the list.

Album: Kill 'Em All
Song: Whiplash

Off Metallica's first album, Kill 'Em All, is a song where the lyrics match the heavy music. A song about headbanging, Whiplash introduces the world to Metallica, as band that "will never quit" and "never will stop". The Metal Militia at it's infancy, this song is a strong candidate as a song that rallied to troops to cheer their new idols on.

Album: Metallica (The Black Album)
Song: Enter Sandman

Enter Sandman is the song that introduced the band to all the "mainstream" listeners. Because of that, this song ranks as one of their better songs that not only pleased their die hard fans, but captured the ears of those that never heard of heavy metal music. The opening guitar riff is one that is easily learned and hummed and the vocals during the chorus is strong and unforgettable.

Album: S&M
Song: No Leaf Clover

Heavy metal music backed by an orchestra? Impossible! Well, Metallica is all about making the impossible, possible. The S&M album could be considered a collection of "greatest hits" with an added orchestra track. I praised the band for thinking outside of the box and exploring new territories. No Leaf Clover captures the beauty of this experiment in all it's glory. This song, hands down, has one of the best vocal tracks I have ever heard. It's strong, it's powerful, and each time I hear it, I cannot resist the urge to sing along.

Album: Metallica (The Black Album)
Song: Nothing Else Matters

Every metal head has a soft side and Metallica lays it out on the line with this one. Generally considered a softie, this song flows flawlessly as it transitions from intro to verse to chorus and back again. Kirk Hammett's solo is a short one, but nevertheless, its speaks to you like none other can.

Album: Ride the Lightning
Song: Creeping Death

One of my personal favorites, Creeping Death is metal at its best. A song about the plague that devastated the Egyptians, this song is fast, heavy, and is nearly a lock to be played at a Metallica show. Kirk Hammett thoughts on the songs solo as published by Kerrang! (Sept. '08) "There's a really raw, powerful energy to this one. It's exciting to listen to, and it's one that even to this day I absolutely love playing live. In my opinion it's definitely one of the best solos a Metallica song has ever had." How can you not want to listen to this song after reading that?

Album: ...And Justice For All
Song: One

Metallica tested the waters of the music video business with this song. Many fans were none to happy about it, considering the band a sell out. But One is a powerful song where the visuals of the music video greatly enhanced the song. One, a song about death, war, and an unknown soldier, begs to ask the question, "How could a man lose as much of himself as I have and still live?" (quoted by the novel Johnny Got His Gun)

Album: Death Magnetic
Song: My Apocalypse

Fresh off their latest album, Death Magnetic, Metallica produced this hell of a song. Not as well known as their other masterpieces, this song has all the strong elements of a Metallica classic. Blazing solo, heavy palm mutes, double bass drum, and a bass line that blows your mind. As great as they are known for their guitar parts, the bass line really shines on this album and Robert Trujillo just kills the bass line in this song.

Album: Ride the Lightning
Song: Fade to Black

A song with suicidal undertones(I have lost the will to live. Simply nothing more to give), this song is a Metallica classic, not just because of the awesome intro that seems to cry to you, but because of the sentimental value associated with the song. James Hetfield has expressed that the song was originally written about his stolen amp, which unfortunately, was the very first amp he owned. The song also seemed to foreshadow grave news, as it has since been associated with Cliff Burton's death ("Deathly loss this can't seem real. Cannot stand this hell I feel). An emotional song that freakishly conveyed the band's emotions at the time.

Album: Master of Puppets
Song: Orion

An instrumental epic of a song that showcased the band's musical knowledge. Not only did they manage to create a musical masterpiece, but did it with such precision that the song can be played with any other 4 instruments and sound beautiful as a classical piece. Cliff Burton considered this one of his favorite songs and after hearing the bass lines on this song, we can see why. Cliff has 2 bass solos on this song that can easily be mistaken as guitar solos.

Album: Master of Puppets
Song: Master of Puppets

This song is the epitome of heavy metal. Fast, furious, and in your face, Master of Puppets is a clinic on how to play heavy metal. At a tempo of 220 beats per minute, it's definitely one of the faster songs in Metallica's repertoire. It has everything you want in a metal song: full, heavy vocals, fast, furious guitar work, low, decadent bass line, and drum work that will make you lose a few pounds before the song is done. A 8 minute song that is so in your face that you cannot avoid it's powerful message. James Hetfield in Thrasher magazine: "'Master of Puppets' deals pretty much with drugs. How things get switched around, instead of you controlling what you're taking and doing, it's drugs controlling you.

There you have it, friends. A top 10 of Metallica's greatest masterpieces. Now, let the debate begin. Later!


  1. I love Metallica! I like your choice of songs for your top ten =)

  2. One of my favorites was always Breadman. You don't hear that one too often.

  3. In no order:
    Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    The Memory Remains
    The Four Horsemen
    Seek & Destroy
    Am I Evil? (diamond head cover)
    For Whom the Bell Tolls

    There are just so many. I stopped hearing Metallica after the S&M album. Kind of lost interest.

    Go ahead and yell at me... i've liked Megadeth a little more lol

  4. How'd you narrow it down? I tried. I failed.

  5. Good selection! We can invert it somehow or other - uppermost they are back.

  6. fade to black
    unnamed feeling
    where ever i may roam
    god that failed
    st anger
    sad but true
    unforgiving 3
    master of pupets

  7. I love Metallice Music. do you have some others......

  8. funny how you said kirk's solo in nothin else matters was short considering kirk didn't write a single note for nothing else matters, it was all james


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