Wednesday, April 8, 2009

911, What's Your Emergency?

Hey there. Things are getting a little nuts out here in this place we call the U.S. of A. A few weeks back, a woman called 911 for emergency help because McDonald's had run out of Chicken McNuggets. Now, I see this morning, that another woman (which sounded very much like the first woman) called 911 to request help because a restaurant was out of shrimp. SHRIMP! What the hell? I'm baffled as to why the dispatcher even gave her the time of day, let alone actually send a policeman to the scene. I mean, c'mon people... We have murderers, rapists, terrorists, and what not that need to be caught and we're sending our policemen to a restaurant because they ran out of shrimp?!?!? Really, now? Are we so free of crime that we actually have the resources to go and check this out? Now, I may not have all the facts straight, but it's beginning to get on my nerves, that shit like this is even making it on the news. This isn't news. This is stupidity. Why are we even wasting air time with dolts like this? Don't get me wrong, I love a funny story and I'd laugh my ass off if this was on some kind of TV special called, "When Idiots Call 911", the upsetting part is that police were actually sent. Does anyone know what the protocol for something like this is? Are they obligated to send someone to each 911 call they get? I'm extremely curious as to how our national emergency system works cause I'd be pissed off if I'm getting stabbed and my 911 call isn't going through cause the cops are out there attending to a chicken nugget dispute. Later.


  1. I agree, seriously if i was a 911 operator or worked there i would tell people to hang up to those kinda people calling for nonsense. its funny too i guess couz its so stupid but on a more serious hand it is a waste of time.

  2. i have a few police buddies that tell me all the stupid calls they have. its amazing and pretty damn sad.

    And no they don't always send someone. Most of the time when its that stupid the dispatcher will tell them that is ridiculous. If a cop does show up, its to check that person for warrants and to see if they are on something...

  3. Although it sounds funny, if the police actually sends someone to attend to this ridiculous call for help, its a waste of police resources. Though I'm not from the States, I think this is pretty universal.

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  5. I hate when people do this too. There should be some consequences to these people who call 911 for this type of thing. It is totally ridiculous!

  6. I also read about this McDonalds chicken thing from a Finnish newspaper. It was under the headline "crazy world"...
    Very stupid and funny at the same time...


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