Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Prize a Day Keeps the Gloom Away at Charter

Hey there friends. As many of you know, I am on a mission to cut some expenses, or at least trim them the best I can. I've already decided that my current cable TV is just not cutting it (price wise) so I've been shopping around for a good deal. Well, look at what I've stumbled upon. Our good friends at Charter have come up with another brilliant give-a-way to bring a smile to their new and existing customers. I'm sure we've all had that feeling before, where you sign up for a service only to find that a week later, that same service is offering some kind of freebie. I hate when that happens. I'll end up kicking myself and saying that, "I should've waited!" Well, you won't be kicking yourself with this because existing customers that upgrade will also be included in the sweepstakes. Great way to look out for your customers, Charter .

They have been at the sweepstakes game for a while now and many of the prizes given include laptops, XBOX 360s, and one lucky subscriber drove off with a new 2009 Honda Hybrid. So what's the prize this time around? A new 22" Samsung HDTV! A 22" TV will be given out daily during the month April so there is still time to get on board and get your name in the drawing for the free TV. Everyone that qualifies for the TV also qualifies for the grand drawing of free HDTV service for a full year, a 52" Sony Bravia HDTV AND home theater system. How can you not be interested?

What will Charter come with next? They are beginning to build a good reputation as a company that wants to reach out to their customers. These monthly give-a-ways are a great way draw positive attention to the company and from what I hear, they are now venturing off into the realm of Twitter. A company that has open communications is one that I definitely want to be associated with. The one thing that really upsets me is awful customer service and if I have more options in which I can get some answers to my questions, the better the company is in my eyes. Later!



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