Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday - A Day of Rest

Hey there. I am beat. We had our rock night last night and we're still pretty tired from it. We must have gone to bed at about 3 AM. I'll post the pics and details tomorrow, since I'm too lazy to go and get the camera right now.

Today is our "we're not gonna do sh*t" day. You need those every now and then. We slept til 10, which is a huge luxury for us, and then made breakfast for the kids. We've been lounging on the couch since, watching TV. We caught the Bulls - Celtics game, which was great. My wife likes to give me grief cause I'm a huge Laker fan and the Celtics gave the Lakers a beat down in last year's finals. Seeing the Celtics playing, she was going for the Celtics (friendly trash talking ensued). My wife, not really a basketball enthusiast, was pretty into the game. The game was definitely an exciting one, that was close throughout and didn't name a victor until the 2nd OT. Bulls came up with some huge blocks in the 2nd OT for the win. Dont' worry friends, I'll convert her to a Laker fan soon enough. lol

After the game, she switched it over to some movie about Amy Fisher on the Lifetime Channel. I'm not very familiar with her story but the movie was awful, in the sense that it cut at the most inconvenient of places and the dialogue was not all that great. All the while, I'm tossing Reese's Pieces in the air, trying to land them in my mouth. Yes friends, I was chucking candy into the air and trying to eat them cause "silly daddy" is cool like that. lol My wife soon joined in, but to show me how it's done. I'm not very good at it and I'm sure that there's still a few pieces on the couch somewhere. Eh... too lazy to look for them now.

Once the movie was over, we switched it over to the Travel Channel where we've been watching the "paradise" series. Good stuff. You put anything in front of Paradise and you'll get the best places in the US to get some of that food. We caught the Ice Cream Paradise (Mmmmm We need to visit Ben & Jerry's to do their tour), Deep Fried Paradise, and now, Sandwich Paradise (I've eaten at the Stage Deli in NY!!!).

The Magic and Sixers are playing. I'll catch you guys later. I got some more lounging to do. Later!

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  1. i like those dont do anything days too. dont get them that often when you got the kids around lol.

    hope your gig went well


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