Friday, April 3, 2009

Mandatory Metallica

Hey there. My name is Metallman and I'm an addict. ADDICTED TO METALLICA!

I'm in full blown Metallica status. Ever since I've found out about the Mandatory Metallica channel on XM Radio, I haven't stopped listening to them. They're EVERYWHERE! They're in my head, I'm constantly singing songs in my head (Mainly, No Leaf Clover... Go figure). They're in my XBOX 360, GH: Metallica is starting to get a grip on me. They're in my TV, Fuse is constantly playing Metallica stuff due to their induction to the Hall of Fame (I hate you, Susan!!!). They're in my radio, Death Magnetic hasn't come out of the CD player since I've had it. They're in my veins, I've pulled out Skully on a couple of nights and played whatever came out of XM (covers ain't all that bad, my friend). I think I finally made my wife snap with this over indulgence of all things Metallica. lol

While riding in the car, listening to Metallica, in a soft voice, she says, "Babe, I'm all Metallica'd out." I didn't think it was possible. lol But alas, it happened to my wife. I switched it over to KROQ and listened to what was playing there, but it got me wondering if my overindulgence will one day cause me to not want to hear them anymore. I doubt it, but nevertheless, it made me wonder.

Later in the evening, after some much needed "mommy and daddy" time, Metallica was back on the TV. First, on XM, then on my XBOX. I think the kids have Metallica on the brain too. My boy plays One on his PSP constantly, our daughter can't get enough of all the Metallica specials on Fuse, and last night the kids were playing Master of Puppets on the XBOX. Looks like we have a pair of up coming metal heads. lol

My name is Metallman and I'm an addict. Later!


  1. my boyfriend and i listen to that channel on XM sometimes. but i can only handle about an hour or so. so your wife stuck it out a lot long than i could have. you should give her extra mommy-and-daddy time for that!

  2. lol awesome, start them out young. Are they giving the horns sign yet?

    I used to be really into Metallica back in the day... not so much now.

  3. I love you, too, Metallman! I'll blow a kiss at the boyz for ya...

    And yes, Mandatory on XM rules, doesn't it? I'm still not sure taking over Liquid Metal was such a good idea, though...

  4. Metallman / Metallica I don't get it, I see no connection at all! LOL I feel you, I freaked out when I started my car today and instead of pluging up my MP3 player I decided to turn on the local radio station and wow, One was on the radio, I was like,"Hell Yeah!!"

  5. I know exactly what you're going through. I have it in stages. One month it's Metallica, and everything Metallica and the next month it's Type O Negative. Then the vicious cycle repeats, and repeats, and get the idea.


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