Friday, June 7, 2013

Metallman's Reverie Update

Metallman here, with today's update
Hey there.  I just wanted to drop by and a leave a quick post about what's going on at Metallman's Reverie. I haven't had much time as of late since I've been working on other projects so I want to give you guys a run down as to what the game plan is.  I want to update you guys on the fundraising, the reviews, the giveaways, and the events planned.  So let's get to it.

First off, the Get a Life podcast is not dead.  lol  I've gotten some reader feedback asking when the next episode is going to air.  My Get a Life partner in crime is traveling at the moment so we decided that it we would take a few weeks off while he travels the north east part of the country.  We'll resume the podcast once he settles in and we're good to go.  I'm genuinely flattered that some of you guys are asking about it.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  lol

Second, we still have our giveaways up and running.  The past few weeks, you may have noticed that I've been asking for donations for the site.  The main reason for that is because a lot of the funds generated from the site are going to be allocated to the Indy GenCon trip that's going to happen this August and I do not want to sacrifice giveaway prizes.  I believe that the giveaways have become a staple at Metallman's Reverie and I don't want to suspend them for any length of time.  Donations have been slim, but I am truly grateful for the few that have left a donation via the Buy Metallman a Beer fundraiser.  I've never been any good at fundraising so you won't see me stuffing it down your throats.  I may send out a reminder via Twitter and FB about once a month and if you would like to donate, the fundraider widget is on the right side bar somewhere.

Third...  Indy GenCon.  As some of you may know, I received a 4 day press pass to Indy GenCon and I'm plenty excited.  It's the first official press stuffs that I have received since I started this website and I see it as a stepping stone to meet some well respected people in the industry.  I love the idea of attending events.  Especially, since I was able to attend the Nintendo Event at the LA Zoo as a guest of Nintendo.  It's the first of what I hope is many.

Also, we have some reviews coming up.  The latest review that was posted was Viviscal Men's hair growth program, I believe.  That comes courtesy of Dad Central.  I love Dad Central since it caters to the men of the family and they can provide some pretty cool items to try out and review.  Dad Central's season started off with the hair grown program and I have already received the next item to review.  Keep on the look out for the Delta Corrente Toilet and the Aveeno men's shaving line of reviews.  Great projects for the every day handy man such as myself.  I also received some Flips Audio HD Headphones that I will be trying out and reviewing sometime in the next couple of days.  I love a great set of headphones and I can't wait to give these a go!

And lastly, keep an eye out on the resurgence of the Thoughts On... series.  I've stepped away from movie and show "reviews" and those types of posts is something that I really enjoy doing.  I've seen waaaaaaaay too many movies and shows that where I would love to share my perspective on and I plan on getting those posts done.

Well, there you have it.  A quick post turned into some rambling.  No matter, though.  You guys deserve to be in the loop so I wanted to touch base with you guys since without you, there is no Metallman.  Thanks, my friends!

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