Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Popular Casino Scenes in Movies

We all wish to win big like in the movies!
Casino gaming is a popular pastime for people around the globe. This trend has been captured in film with many casino scenes appearing in movies. While today, online casinos are the top place to gamble, films instead focus on land based casinos. These casino scenes use many different casino games. However, table games seem to be the most popular to include in film. Blackjack is one casino table game that has been shown in many movies. The game has a certain amount of risk associated with it. Also, the illegal practice of card counting often appears in these movie scenes.

The film ‘Rainman’ includes some popular casino scenes. The movie focuses on the title character who is an autistic savant. His devious brother learns of his gifts and takes his autistic brother to the casino. Here he is able to apply his photographic memory to blackjack. Of course, he wins a lot of money for his brother. Blackjack plays an even larger role in the movie, “21”. This movie looks at the MIT Blackjack Team and their true story. The team had an elaborate system they used the count cards and thus win at blackjack. The best scene from this movie is when the team visits Vegas casinos to set their plan in motion.

Blackjack can be found at most mobile casino sites. When playing blackjack, one must know how much the cards are worth to determine the value of their hand. All numbered cards are worth the number printed on them. For example, a five card is worth five points. All of the face cards are worth ten points. The ace is a bit different than the others because it can have two values. Aces may be counted either as one point or eleven points. This provides players with some flexibility.

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