Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Couponing Online Saves the Family Budget

Like everyone else, I keep hearing that the economy is getting better. Unfortunately, no one has told my bank account the good news. Things are still tight for me and for most of my friends, so we were all thrilled when I discovered SelectAware.com online.

Once I set up my account at SelectAware.com, I was able to start the savings bonanza immediately. They have coupons and promo codes for everything I buy - everything. Groceries are first on my list, and I can get store coupons and brand coupons from the site to take some of the sting off the market bill. I can also use promo codes to save lots of money.

They have a huge selection of clothing coupons and codes, along with deals on books, toys, movies, baby clothes, automotive supplies, and much more. The list isn't endless, but it is pretty long. The site says shoppers save an average of seventeen dollars per order, but I saved twenty dollars my first time out.

Believe me, I got right on the phone and let all my friends in on my new favorite way to shop. Now they are all hooked on it as well. And with the money we save, we plan to take a trip to the Virgin Islands. Okay, that last part isn't true. We plan to pay bills and maybe take in a movie. But keeping more of our money makes us all happy, and it takes some of the budget strain off our shoulders.

In addition to all the great coupons and promo codes, they have a great shopping blog that offers tips on have to save even more money on everyday items and even on mini vacations. It’s actually a lifestyle website, one aimed at making everything easier for consumers. It’s the one stop I make to get the things I need and to learn how to follow my budget and improve my bottom line.

You can also take advantage of their freebies and rebates sections. Everything is laid out simply, so finding all the ways to save money is easy. Everything on the site is aimed at the shopper’s convenience. It’s nice to work with a source that is designed with me in mind.

SelectAware.com has made me a hero to my friends. Once you try it, you’ll want to share the good news as well. Times are still tough, but, believe me, saving money while shopping makes things a whole lot easier.

Guest Post by Jocelyn F

Bought to you by your friends at SelectAware.com

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