Friday, June 14, 2013

Reebok Dance Gear Is back For Summer!

Women's UR Lead Mid Reebok Shoe
Hey there. Last year Reebok took a HUGE step into the dance category, supporting the active women who love to partake in fitness movements like Zumba to stay feeling and looking great. Mid-cut and low-cut footwear options were debuted, as was a full line of apparel made for movement. Reebok's dance footwear products like the UR Lead Mid have been a hit with dance enthusiasts, combining function and fashion in a way no other sportswear brand has achieved yet.

The apparel from last year has been updated for the new season, and it rocks! Short and long sleeve tops, compression and tights, and even looser fitting pant styles are up for grabs from this colorful and stylish line. Way to go Reebok!  Personally, I'm a fan of form fitting clothing.  I love to see to wife in tights and a good looking tank.  I can so picture her in the Reebok Women's Shapewear Lux Tank! Check it out!
Reebok Women's Shapewear Lux Tank top!
So what do you guys think?  The wife and I are both looking to improve our health and, to be honest, the wife has taken advantage and picked up a few fitness outfits.  I swear, the above outfit is something straight out of her closet!  What do you guys recommend for fitness gear?  Are you a yoga pants and tank type of woman?  A basketball shorts and t shirt kind of guy?  I would love to hear about your style.  Later!

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