Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Little Guy Has Pneumonia

Hey there.  Our youngest is sick.  Last night, he started showing some signs of fussyness and a slight fever.  We chalked it up to him teething.  He's been drooling like a lil monster and can't keep his hand out of his mouth.  We expect some teeth to pop out soon.  Anyways, last night got tough.  He started getting a little flushed and started to feel warmer.  We gave him some Tylenol with hopes that the fever would diminish.  It did... but very slightly.  We ended up staying up most of the night to keep an eye on our little one.  We checked his temperature throughout the night and kept an eye on his breathing.  Come close to 3 am or so, we finally got a few hours of sleep in.

At about 6:15 am, I got up and checked his temperature.  100.6...  Not too bad, considering that at one point is sitting high at 102+.  We got ready and headed off to work.  My mother in law then called us to let us know that the baby seemed sick.  We asked her to take him to a doc to check him out and before long, we receive a voicemail that the doc said the baby has pneumonia.  Our hearts sank.  In my eyes, it's nothing but a glorified cold, but I know that that the elderly and the very young, can have some pretty serious complications from contracting it.

Luckily, we were able to get away from work and check on our son.  My mother in law lives minutes from where we work so we were able to get to our baby right away.  When we got there, our baby was asleep, but flushed.  He still had a temperature and after he got up and ate, he went back to sleep.

Poor little guy.  I want my baby to be happy, not sluggish and sickly.  It sucks because him being so young, there really isn't mcuh you can do in meds and because he can't speak, you can't really pinpoint where he's uncomfortable.  Does he feel too hot?  Does his head hurt?  Does his chest hurt?  Is he uncomfortable?  I don't know.  We do our best to make him as comfortable as possible but in the end, you're really just guessing that you took care of his needs.

Being a little one, I'm sure that the kids probably passed it on to him in some sort of way.  They're not sick or anything, but when you have a house of 3 school kids and a baby, it's bound to happen where one of the four will get sick.  My mother in law is beating herself up thinking that she may have not cared well for him.  She's the one that looks after the kids while we work.  We assured her that it's not her fault.  She can't wipe every kid in the school with germ killing wipes.  Germs are everywhere, it's just that the lil ones are more likely to get sick with older kids around.

Right now, the little guy is still sporting a fever, but we're sure it's because the doc gave him some antibiotics.  He didn't see the need to send our boy to the hospital.  We don't want to make a trip there, but we are eyeing our boy like a hawk to make sure he's not displaying any of those symptoms that would require emergency care. 

Earlier in the day, my wife told me that he was looking better and managed some smiles and laughs.  We have a check up with the doc tomorrow morning.  I'm hoping that after a good night's sleep, he'll be feeling a whole lot better.  Later.

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  1. Fever is a normal and healthy response to having an infection and does not need to be beaten down. That being said, we often recommend that to treat fever with Motrin or Tylenol to make them feel better as this often helps them with the other fever recommendations such as drinking fluids and sleeping.


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