Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

Hey there.  Valentine's Day was this weekend and many of us were off buying our significant other stuff or celebrating in our own special way.  My wife decided to go to the gym that morning and I surprised her with a bouquet of purple roses and heart shaped french toast.  I know, I know...  I try.  lol  Later that day, we went off to see our godson.  We haven't seen him for a few years.  There's some issues between his parents and at the time he's living with his mother up north so it's a rare occurrence when he's in town.  So we spent most of the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese to spend some time with him.  Afterward, we dropped off our kids at my mother in laws and I took my wife out to dinner. 

I've been wanting to take my wife out to someplace fancy, but I fear that she may not like the cuisine.  I just don't see us hanging out having caviar and escargot with some wine.  lol  I just don't see us as that type of couple.  However, I would like to find a place that is considered "fancy" AND meet our culinary needs.  lol  Anyways, so I asked her where she would like to go and without hesitation she says Red Lobster.  Now...  I know that my wife cannot stand seafood so I know for a fact that it's not really a place she wants to go and it's more of a place that I would like to eat at.  I love me some seafood but it just doesn't seem fitting for Valentine's Day.  To appease her, we checked it out.  We walk in and I see a crowd.  Wow....  I ask the woman what the wait time is for two and lets me have it straight.  2 hours to 2 and half hours.  Oh man... Hell with that... we're not going to wait that long.  I guess I was wrong about it not being the spot for Valentine's Day, huh.  lol

So we hopped in the car and we decided to check out the Elephant Bar.  A restaurant that offers "exotic" cuisine.  Stuff from the orient, seafood, steaks, burgers ( I think) among other choices.  We've been to the Elephant Bar a handful of times and I can't quite remember what I've had there.  So I walk in and ask for the wait time for two.  An hour to and hour and 30 mins...  Not bad, I guess.  So I she takes my name and my wife and I decide to walk to the mall and get us some frozen yogurt.  I kid you not, the moment we stepped out, getting ready to return to the restaurant, that pager thingy that they hand out to you started lit up and started buzzing.  Oh crap!  We had to hurry to the restaurant to make sure they didn't give our table away cause we didn't answer the call.  What a way to spend part of your Valentine evening... running through a parking lot getting to the restaurant!

Once we were seated, we ordered our drinks and glanced at the menu.  I'll admit that I can be pretty blah when it comes to ordering food from a place that I'm not that familiar with but recently, I've been a bit bold and tried something new wherever we go.  My wife knew exactly what she wanted while I had to skim through the menu several times to find something that seemed enticing.  I was settled on some chicken something covered in mushroom sauce.  Look good, but never had it, so I decided to try it out.  At the last second, I changed it to a Philly cheese steak sandwich.  lol

After having a few laughs, enjoying our meal, and feeling slightly tipsy, we headed off to pick up our kids and head home.  Not too bad for a day where we told ourselves "no gifts".  =o)  My wife enjoyed her gifts of roses and two white bears sitting on a love seat and I love her gift to me, her 10 reasons why she loves me.  Check it out:

In honor of Valentine's day here are the top ten reasons I love my husband: 

1) His sense of humor-never fails to make me laugh my ass of. Even when I'm mad at him. 

2) His intelligence- it's so sexy. 

3) How he'll ask me to dance even if there's no music, he'll hum a tune.

4) That goofy voice he does when I'm upset or had a rough day all to make me laugh. 

5) How he tells me im beautiful when i wake up in the morning 

6) How he knows just what to say- baby you look tired, go take a nap I'll take care of dinner.

7) How he loves me even when I'm unlovable 

8) The origami flowers he leaves on my desk for me when i come out of a meeting. 

9) "Skittles" 

10) His butt lol 

I'm a VERY lucky girl =) 

I love you too babe.  Later!

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  1. I think that you should should try pink and white or red and white long andkle length dress not to fancy but not to casual and like maybe some heart shaped jewlery and like pink red or white high healed sandals


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