Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kim Kardashian's Quick Trim

Hey there.  A few weeks ago, my wife and I renewed our gym membership in an effort to better our health and our bodies.  For being a relatively small guy, I'm pretty out of shape.  My cardio has suffered and my endurance is at gutter levels.  I just haven't had the energy or the stamina to do much of the work that is required of me.  I'm hoping that stepping back into the gym will help out with that.  I already started feeling the affects of after my second week of working out.  I've found that I can breathe a little better.  The deal with my nose is that one nostril is ALWAYS clogged.  No friends, I'm not the boogerman or anything of that sort.  I strongly believe that I must have messed up my nose as a child during our marathon battles of wrestling and rough housing.  I'm about 95% sure that my nose is either broken, or there's scar tissue blocking a nasal passage.  Anyways, I've found that I can breath better during my work outs.  I don't know what to attribute it to but since I recently started working out, I'm going with that as the reason.

My wife has been getting up at 4:30 ish in the morning to get herself to the gym at 5 am.  She's been on a mission to lose the baby weight that is still lingering around.  Even though she has lost some of the weight, she's not where she wants to be and has pitched the idea that she needs Quick Trim.  I, being the ignorant guy that I am, had no idea what it was and she explained to me that it's the weight loss product that Kim Kardashian uses.  I adamantly refused.  I'm not a big fan of weight loss pills, shakes, diets, or anything else that will "burn calories a million times faster" or whatever.  I simply believe that a good diet and some exercise should be more than enough.
Now...  I kinda felt bad that I straight out shot my wife down without really hearing her out so I decided to look into this Quick Trim stuff.  It's typical of many other weight loss piss...  Some positive, some negative, nothing really definite.  I did find out, however, that Kim herself uses this product.  I've heard of celebrities endorsing products but I am not sure if I've seen any that actually use them.  In the end, I decided that I'll get the stuff for her if it'll help motivate her.  When my wife doesn't see results, she tends to lose some focus and doubts her efforts.  I don't want to see my wife give up, especially since she's doing pretty damn good at keeping up her diet and keeping her gym schedule.  Coupled with the fact that we have a young one at home, family life could very easily damper her spirits and if this would provide a lift, why not. 

If any of you guys have any personal experience with this stuff, please feel free to share.  I'd be interested in how it's worked for you.  Until then, later.


  1. Plus you win brownie points for being so supportive :). I'm one of those people that needs to see instant results or I lose motivation to keep trying. Good luck to both of you.

  2. wow determination is the key, goodluck to both of you!