Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Bro is/was in the Hospital

Hey there. I was falling asleep on the couch, with my wife, watching some boring ass movie with Jackie (from That 70's Show) in it. As I was just about to doze off, the phone rings. I almost didn't answer it cause I was little dazed. It was my aunt calling from her cell phone. She must've had bad reception because I couldn't really hear what she said. I was only able to make out key words like, "brother", "ambulance", "uncle", "hospital". I told her I'd call my uncle to see what's up and when I did my uncle told me my bro passed out. I figured, people pass out and they don't always go to the hospital. I asked him to describe to me what happened. He said that my bro looked "out of it" and that all of a sudden, his eyes rolled back and he slid off his chair, his body stiffened and he was slightly twitching. To me, that's a seizure, not passing out...

So we gather the kids and drop em off at my mother in laws and off we go to the hospital. All my aunts and my uncle were there waiting for news. I tell the lady at the desk that my bro was brought in here in an ambulance and I want to see him. She said I had to wait since he wasn't in a room (guess there were many emergencies that night) and was out on a gurney out in the hall way, only 1 person can be with him at a time. My mother was with him so I texted her to get out so I can see my bro.

I went in, and he looks tired as hell. The paramedics are sitting by him, keeping an eye out to make sure all is well. After a min or two, I joke around that the Lakers damn near done my brother in since they lost to the Celtics the night before. I got a few laughs from the paramedics and my bro was like, "Fuckin' losers. I feel asleep after Ray Allen hit like his 6th 3 pointer in the game." So there we are joking around, cause that's how we roll, and after awhile I left so other family members can see him.

On my second visit, they had him strapped to that machine that checks your vital signs. Heart rate, blood pressure, and I don't know what that third number was, but it ranged from 0-20. I noticed that for him to be lying there without much activity, his heart rate was pretty up there. It ranged anywhere from 90-100 and if I remember correctly, it should be in the 50s-70s at rest. I also noticed that his blood pressure was high. The last reading I saw was 147/90. I didn't mention any of this to him since I didn't want him to freak out. Instead, there we are, accompanied by my wife this time, fuckin' around and cracking jokes. We even got in trouble. Doc/nurse came over and told us that we can crack all the jokes we want, just exclude any four letter words. Damn you Will Farrell and Dave Chapelle for being so funny. lol Soon after we left.

He seemed to be doing slightly better, but because we had work the next morning, we left somewhere around 1:30 ish. Couldn't sleep when we got home so I must've gone to bed closer to 2:30. I told my mother to call me with any news, that includes him being released and what not. It's now what... 8 something in the morning and nothing. My aunts and I have been trying to reach my mother and we've gotten nothing...

Still waiting on news. Until then, Later


  1. Sounds like your bro is in good spirits. Here's to hoping that he's out soon.

  2. Its good that he still holds that sence of humor, If I am not mistaking the third thing is suppose to be the oxygen level in his blood, but the 1-20 trew me off. Soooo... how is he doing? what happened? his pressure was a little high but then again, you did have him laughing his butt off..


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