Friday, June 6, 2008

2 Legends

Hey there. The NBA finals started last night and to my dismay, the Lakers let a golden opportunity slip away. Kobe had an off shooting night. MANY shots rattled around the rim and just popped out. But I won't complain, the Celtics were just the better team for 48 minutes on that night. We'll get em next time.

While watching the game, one commercial that they aired just gave me the chills. For those of you that have kept up with the NBA this year, there is no doubt that you've witnessed those "There can only be one" commercials where the screen splits to show 2 NBA stars' faces cut in half and speak the same dialogue. This has been an extremely effective campaign. They show how, regardless of which stars are on the commercial, they are all playing for the same goal.

Now, last night, the NBA dished out another one of these awesome commercials. Not featuring two stars from the current series, which they have done throughout the playoffs, but featuring 2 legends that resuscitated the NBA in the '80s, whose teams are currently playing for the finals. Friends, I give you Larry Joe Bird and Ervin "Magic" Johnson. Man, I saw this and it hit me. These 2 were just the most bad ass players to go at it and really give the fans what they wanted to see. This is why I love these two. Think of Michael Jordan for a sec, the greatest player to play the game (to date). You know him for his championships, his dominance, his willingness to win... But who was his competition? His nemesis? Who did you want him to conquer? Who can he say that he felt proud of defeating? Quite frankly, I can't think of one, where as with Bird and Magic, you had 2 of greatest going after each other, disappointed if they didn't meet at the finals for a chance to beat the best. Another great example of this is Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. 2 of the greats going after the title and if they don't meet in the playoffs, us the fans, are disappointed for not having the chance to see 2 of the greats duel it out. it's great to have a dominating player out there, but if that player doesn't have an equal, or close to an equal as you can get, there is no competition making the events, dare I say, a little boring.

So I leave with this, check out the legends and let's here what you have to say. How can you not get chills watching this? Later!


  1. Doesn't get better than Bird and Johnson - I loved that old Bird vs Magic game that used to be on the Gameboy.

  2. I saw this commercial during Game 2. It gave me chills, but damn Bird looks rough. Time has not been kind to him.

    Meanwhile, I truly believe that Magic having HIV was an awareness/publicity stunt. He's had HIV since I was in 4th grade and he looks healthier now than he did then.


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