Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lakers Down 3-2

Hey there Lakers. The Lakers pulled out the win, despite a very sloppy game. It was nothing to be proud of, but a win is a win. I loved the post game interview by Gasol. "I didn't want them celebrating on my home court, with champainge and crap." Classic stuff. lol Man, the Lakers, again showing why they are the Western champs, bring it to the Celtics in the first quarter. Killing them in every stat. But that was just about it for the half. They fell asleep in the second quarter and let the Celtics claw their way back from a 17 point deficit and cut it to 3. For the first time this series, the Lakers win the 3rd quarter. A huge plus considering that the Lakers are being killed in the 3rd quarter of every single game this series. Then, there was the fourth quarter... Again, the Lakers lost their lead. Again, the Lakers lost their composure. But this time, they didn't fumble the win away (unlike game 4. As you've probably noticed... I didn't write about game 4 since I was extremely upset with the Lakers that I didn't even want to relive that game).

That's right, we won the game, but we didn't WIN the game. The Celtics merely choked at the end and we held on. Paul Pierce was careless with the ball so Kobe steals it, Kevin Garnett misses two HUGE free throws, Lakers fumble the ball with seconds to go in the game but the Celtics can't come up with the steal. I'm extremely disappointed. I was expecting us to bring it to em, kick some Celtic ass and make the Celtics think that they're in trouble. Instead, I get a half assed effort and just enough effort to hang on to a victory in the 4th quarter. Lakers should have won by at least 15, instead... it's a nail biter going down to the wire.

It was a little funny watching the game tonight. I have this bet going on with my wife that if the Celtics win the title, I'll get her a Coach bag (or any other bag or bags of her liking) and if I win, I get me a new tattoo. It was funny because she's not a basketball fan and is just going against the Lakers for this bet but as she was watching the finals minutes, she was like, "Oh my god, I'm feeling nervous.". lol I was like, "Babe, now you know how I feel with all the games." She comes back with, "But this is only because if they win, I'll get my bags. There's nothing on the line on the other games so I don't care." Or something along those lines. lol My babe, you gotta love her.

Game 6. Tuesday. Boston. See you there. Later.


  1. Sorry bro, but I'm pulling for the Celtics here. I'm looking for them to wrap this up tomorrow in Boston.

    Pierce has been playing out of his mind when the moment called for it and Game 6 will be no exception. I've got love for Kobe and the Lake Show, but I really wanna see KG and Ray Allen (both from SC) get their ring before it's too late.

  2. Hey there friend. I'm with you on the, let the greats get a title before it's too late. It's a shame when top players like Patrick Ewing or Karl Malone play their asses off and are considered one of the best but have no ring to show for it. With that being said, I'd like to see KG get his ring too, just not at the expense of the Lakers. lol

    As for Pierce, the Laker defense has just been horrendous guarding him. If he drives on every possesion, he's either going to the line or getting an easy basket. No on the Laker squad is stepping in front of him and because of it, he's having a monster series.

    The series has lived up to the hype, in my opinion at least. 2 storied franchises battling it out with each other. Historic come from behind losses... If only the Lakers can get their act together and embrace us with a finals game 7, this championship series will be one that the fans will be greatly appreciative of and will not forget any time soon.


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