Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The "Pork Chop" Incident

Hey there. So on the way back to work from lunch, my wife and I were talking in the car, as we always do, and she brings up the "pork chop" incident. We laughed and then she says, "Why don't you post THAT on your blog?" lol

What is this pork chop incident, you say? lol Well, a couple of nights ago, while we were in bed watching TV, I believe some weight loss commercial came on, or something about a pig came up, I don't remember the details... Anyways, I've gained a few pounds since I got with my wife (I used to be a stick figure 118 pounds then and am now a "healthy" 170) my wife looks at me and says, "No more pork chops for you." I damn near had a heart attack. I'm sure my heart skipped a beat or two. I love me some pork chops and I was like, no way. lol She says yes way and then comes up with, "You know, as a matter of fact, no more pork for you. That includes sausage and pork chops." Now wait right there for a moment, a man needs his pork chops. I can give you the sausage but don't take away those tender, succulent slices of meat that taste oh so good. lol

So what's my come back to her statement??? "Well, if I can't have pork can I at least have other kinds of "pork" chop? Like, from other animals, right?" Oh man, my wife started laughing her ass off. I smiled. Don't know what I was thinking (I don't think I was cause a life without pork chops just clouded my mind with terror. lol) but it's obvious that there is no other kinds of "pork" since pork comes from pigs. lmao

Oh man... If only you knew the conversations that we've had. Maybe I should I start posting those here as reference when I need a laugh. lol I've said and did many a stupid thing and I'm sure that we'll get a kick out of it. Later.

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  1. LMAO2 - funny isn't it, how we get sidetracked when we're hungry?! haha You merely got confused that's all. You should definitely post more funnies like this. That's what blogging is all about, I say. *big grin*


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