Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Baby Soup"

Hey there. I needed to post this before I forget. lol It was scorching hot this weekend and we pulled out the slip n slide to cool ourselves off. As we were putting on our little one's bathing suit, we tell her what things are so that she grasps the language. We hear from many people that for an almost 3 year old, she has a huge vocabulary. Well, in this instance, we were teaching her bathing suit. We slipped it on and said, "This is a bathing suit". She responded, "This is baby soup"... with a very strong emphasis on the "p". Oh man, she had us rolling. Even after we corrected her many times, she would comment while sliding away, "I like my baby soup". lol

Kids. You just gotta love the surprises and spontaneity. Until another comes out of the air, I'll catch you guys later.


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  2. I don't which is funny about little kids. When they mispronounce things or when they say what's on their minds because they haven't developed their "filter" yet. Classic stuff.

  3. I heard her say "Baby Soup" on sat, that was so cute!


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