Friday, June 13, 2008

Worried Out of My MInd

Hey there. Crazy ass Friday the 13th so far... We were on our way to work (my wife and I work for the same company, which is great because we save on gas and we carpool. Since the company gives out gift cards to employees that carpool, we score like $200 in gift cards every quarter just for coming to work. lol) and we're literally right outside the office building when I get a call from my mother in law. She was in tears and said that her mom is not well, that something is up. I make a U turn and off we go to my mother in laws to make sure all is alright. We get there and we pick her up and then we take off to my grandma's (my wife's grandma but she's mine too) place. We get there and she's sitting in her chair and you can tell that she's struggling to breathe... and when she talks, there is a shortness of breath as well, a slight tremble in her voice, and very sluggish movements. My wife and I instantly thought... stroke. We all stay calm and just talk to her to see what's up and after I get a hold of her doc and describe the symptoms, it's recommended that we take her to an emergency room. We pack up all her meds and get her insurance cards and off we go to the hospital. That was over 3 hours ago... After my wife and I discussed our game plan, we decided that I should come in to work to, well... work. I got here a little over an hour and a half ago and I still haven't received any news. I'm hoping all is well and that there is no news to report and that's the reason I haven't been called. I did speak to my wife when I just walked in the office, but that was business related and she mentioned that they just "took her in". Crazy... I just got a call from my wife.... Hold on...

K, just got off the phone with my wife and it looks like our suspicions were correct. Grandma had, or was this close, to having a stroke. The hospital is not going to release her until after a few days. They want to keep an eye on her since all the machines say she's fine, but her symptoms said other wise so they just want to make sure she'll be alright.


  1. Wow, nice that you get basically free giftcards! But sorry about your grandma, i'm sure she will be OK.

  2. Hope your grandma will be okay soon.

  3. Thanks for the concerns, friends. She is doing better and they may be releasing her very soon. Thanks again.


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