Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reign In Blood

Hey there friends. It's only fitting that one of the last songs to beat on Guitar Hero III comes from one of the most bad ass albums ever. A creation by one of the masters of metal, Slayer. On my quest to become a guitar hero master, I have come across a road block that I just cannot seem to get through. I have been stuck on Raining Blood, expert mode, for about 2 weeks straight now. I survived through Cliffs of Dover and 4 starred One and The Number of the Beast, but I just can't get through Raining Blood. I got frustrated yesterday. I spent a good hour or so practicing it and I still couldn't get through the flurry of notes rushing at you during the "mosh" section. Best I could do was about 37% percent of the song before failing... For those not familiar with guitar hero, check out the vid below... I chose this video cause the dude missed some notes so I'm sure it's someone actually playing the song and not some dues using a bot trying to impress people. This is a hard ass sonf and the person handled it and you gotta give him his props for it. I fail at the 1.16 mark. One day, friends... I'll get through this song. lol Later!

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