Thursday, June 12, 2008

Unforgetable Memories

Ever gone out on vacation and just took a beautiful picture that just captured the moment? We all have that one photo in out photo albums that we get all googly eyes and reminisce about that moment. Well, how about we make that moment even more special by making it into a photo card. Our good friends at offer a great service where you can create a personalized card using your own photos and your own wording. You can have the photo on the front of the card, with a greeting if you wish, and personalized message on the inside. Or maybe you just want to give a gift to that special someone and have grown weary of the classic "hallmark" cards. Spice it up, friends. Guys and gals, take a pic of yourselves, or use one of a special moment between you two, and create your own card with a very special message to that special someone. Trust me, they'll love it. Just check out how this one guy decided to use his wedding day as the pic. You can check other stunning examples of Photo Cards here.

Personally, I'd use a picture from Disneyland that I took. Make a personalized message with something along the lines of ,"Hanging out with Mickey and Minnie" or "Our little one's first trip to Disneyland". Check it out, it soooo looks like it belongs on a stand somewhere. lol So do yourselves a favor and dust off that photo album and don't just reminisce, bring the memories back to life and relive the moment.

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