Friday, June 27, 2008

My Top Spots?

Hey there friends. As I was browsing blogs of my Entrecard regulars, I've noticed that more than a few have this "Top Spots" widget on thier site. I've decided that I'd give it a go as well. My understanding is that if you give me a tip (which I've set at $1.50 even though it says a minumum of $5.00) you can have a link on my site. I read up on the terms and conditions and what not but I was not able to see how long the link would stay up. The only thing that I can remember seeing is if that my links were full and someone decided to tip me to get their link up, the oldest link would fall off being replaced by the new one. Check out the widget on the right side of my site, though I'm sure you've probably seen it on other sites. Later!

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