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Friday, April 20, 2018

How to Keep Your Canine Cool in Summer

Dog in car
Hey there.  Summer is a time to be outside, enjoying the bright sunshine and warm evenings. You and your dog can enjoy these months together but keeping Fido cool is imperative. This is because dogs are more prone to heat stroke than their human owners are. But if you take the appropriate steps in keeping your canine pal cool during the summer months, you can keep them safe while having their fun in the sun.

Friday, August 3, 2012

August Photo A Day - Your Pet

Hey there.  Today's picture is our pet tarantula, Vixin.  I tried to take a picture of our dogs, Odin, Lucy, and Lacy, but they weren't having it.  They were too active to sit and have their picture taken so I decided to take a picutre of our tarantula.  We've had Vixin for well over 5 years now.  A coworker handed her to us when her daughter was "done" with it for a school project.  lol  I've seen Vixin molt twice already and if you have never seen a taratula molt, it's definitely something to check out.  You can see Vixin molting here.  The pictures in that post were taken with a camera instead of a camera phone so you'll see way better pictures of Vixin there.  So what pets do you have at your place?  Later!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Molting Tarantula

Vixin!!!  I didn't know you had a twin sister!
Hey there.  You know what happened last week?  My tarantula, Vixin, molted!  For those of you not in the know, molting is to spiders what shedding is to snakes.  Because a spider's exoskeleton is on the outside of their bodies, they need to break out of it when they get too big for it.  If you didn't know any better, would think that your tarantula split into 2!  Vixen has molted twice before and both times I only saw the aftermath.  Not this time though!  Here's the story.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty: America Weeps

What?  My daughter's dead. Noooooooooo... I didn't do it.
Hey there.  I'll admit that I haven't been as captivated by this case as much as I should have been.  As a matter of fact, I first heard about the case from my wife, when she decided to purchase a magazine with Casey on the cover.  I naturally asked her who's that and she explained the case to me.  I then asked if she was famous since she was on the magazine, she said no.  With that right there... I should have known that this was big.  Since then, I started asking my wife to fill me in on the court proceedings, since my wife has the luxury to watch it at home.  Night after night, the evidence compiled against Casey made it seem like she was going to be found guilty for murdering her daughter.  I was curious to see if they would give her the death penalty and even the "experts" on TV were saying that anything but the death sentence would be a victory for Casey.  The "experts" were saying she was as good as guilty.  Then... the American Justice system did what it does best.  It set this child murdering woman free.  That's right, the jury found Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Best Pet Hair Remover: The CarPET

Hey there friends.  As most of you know, I'm a proud owner of 3 dogs.  My mini poodle Odin, my chihuahua terrier Lucy, and their young one Lacy.  Even though they spend most of their time outside, we like to let them in the house from time to time and they just LOVE to hang out on the couch.  Wait... did I say hang around???  It's more like, roll over, jump, drag, and pounce all over them.  lol  I swear, it's as if they see the couch as a doggie jumper!  I like seeing them play and be happy.  What I don't like is having to clean up all the hair that they leave on the couch.  And since they all have white hair, it's very noticeable on our dark couches.  The short hairs really get in the upholstery so even after I vacuum the cushions, I still find hair every now and then.  But guess what... my good friends at Wicked or What offered me a solution... the CarPET!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a Weekend...

Hey there.  Oh man...  What a weekend it has been.  I haven't really had much of a chance to rest during the weekend since I've pretty much dedicated that time to prep for my son's first birthday.  We're going with a Super Mario Bros. theme and since it's difficult (and expensive) to buy licensed Mario stuff, the wife and I have been pretty much created all the decorations ourselves.  We've already spent a lot of hours getting them done and we're in the last week before the party and we're still not done!!!  Here goes the breakdown of our weekend...


So Saturday rolls around and we're up and ready to go.  We figured that we could avoid traffic and what not if we head on over to downtown LA to check out the vendors there that sell party supplies and piñatas.  We got a tip from my compadre that there is a "party district" there and they have all kinds of stuff.  He was certain that we would find it there.  So 10 am rolls around and we're almost ready to go when I hear children scream, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OH NOOOOOOOOO!!!!  DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!"

So I get up and run outside, thinking that one of the neighbor kids is hurt or something is wrong.  There is a lot of commotion on their side of the fence so I go around and end up in their yard.  I see my dog, Lucy, and their dog, fighting.  Now...  Lucy is small dog.  She's what you would call a Chihuahua Terrier.  No more than a foot tall.  The neighbor's dog?  Well... she's a Pitbull.  Yup.  Lucy got into it with a pitbull and instead of her saying, "Oh crap this is a monstrous dog, I don't have a chance!", she's up all in the business snapping and biting back.  The neighbor get's his dog's attention long enough for me to yell at Lucy.  Lucy then trots of in my direction, looking like a bloody mess.  I apologize profusely to the neighbor for Lucy getting into his yard and he dismissed it as Lucy just doing what she's born to do. We have this issue where Lucy and Lacy (both chihuahua terriers) dig under the fence and venture into their yard.  They don't mind, since they're good dogs.  They don't destroy anything and they play with the neighbor kids.  The neighbor explained to me that Lucy was trying to get under the fence and when he saw her, he helped her over.  That's when Lucy saw his dog (which was in heat) and they started getting into it with each other.

So I go back into my yard to check up on Lucy.  She's bloody, but I don't see blood pouring out of her.  She does have a 1cm hole in her face.  I could literally see inside her face and that's when I decided that she can't stay outside.  She could get that infected and what not.  I take her inside and start looking up vets.  Considering that it's a Saturday, I wasn't expecting to find any open.  I called a few "emergency vets" and was told that her wound was not considered an emergency since it wasn't life threatening and was given instructions on how to care for her at home.  So I go off into the drugstore and buy a bandage wrap, some gauze, closure strips and some peroxide.  I clean her up as best as I could and get to work.  I cleaned out the wound, closed it, and wrapped it up.  She's looking a little funny, but at least she's on her way to recovery.  Check out the pic I took of her, looking like, well... she just got off a fight with a pitbull.
Lucy... Looking like Rocky Balboa. Hopefully, she'll learn to stop picking fights with pitbulls.

I've been addressing her wound and changing the wrap every day.  Last night, the gash finally closed but I do not feel comfortable enough to let her roam around without the wrap.  Hopefully, I can remove it in another day or so because I need to clean her up some more.  She's beginning to smell funky and since she's inside the house, I need to make sure she's as clean as possible.

That incident took up all of our Saturday morning and most of the early afternoon.  We were finally able to venture into this party district to look for what we needed.  We scored on some awesome Mario and Luigi piñatas.  We also got some Mario and Luigi piggy banks and some candy to fill the piñatas with.  Being in the Mario mood, the night was capped off with some Mario Galaxy for the the Wii.


Football!!!  I told myself that today would be the day where I would just sit in front of the TV and make decorations while watching TV.  I did a lot of decorations, not so much TV.  Football games were on TV, but I didn't really glance up since I got into my creations.  The Raiders lost...  losers!  And I did see Vick get hurt.  Other than that, I got most of my info from ESPN highlights later that evening.  Decoration making didn't end til close to midnight...  and soon after disaster struck...


After making decorations, I took a shower a little after midnight.  I noticed something funny going on while in there.  The water was not going down the drain... hmmm...  I finish up and let the wife know what happened.  She then mentioned to me that there is something up with the toilet, to make sure I take a look at it before I go to bed.  I check it out... and notice right away that it's not flushing.  I pull out the trusty plunger and get to it.  After several unsuccessful tries...  I figure that maybe there's hair stuck in the shower drain and it's stopping the toilet from flushing.  So I start working on that.  No success.... after about 30 mins or so, and it being around 1 am, I decide to go to bed and I'll work on it tomorrow.  Before jumping into the bed, I head to the kitchen to get a midnight snack... cause that's how I roll.  lol  

"SPLASH...  SPLASH... SPLASH..."  What the...  I took one step into the hallway and I step into a pool of water...  Oh man...  there's at least an inch deep of water all over the hallway.  Water EVERYWHERE!!!  I was feeling a dumbfounded and perplexed by what I was seeing and when the wife noticed it as well, she got up and was shocked by the amount of water all over the floor.  I go into the other bathroom thinking that maybe the tub was running or something and it smelled horrible.  But I mean HORRIBLE!!!!  Water was pouring out of the toilet, splashing flooding the bathroom.  The tub was also filling up with the water.  Water then ventured into the hallway and into my son's room and the main bedroom.  S*@T!!!!  The wife and I sit for a second, and then move into action.  

I pulled out my phone and took video of all the water in the bathrooms, tubs, showers, rooms, and hallway.  I figured that I would need evidence for the insurance company.  We pulled out all of the towels and started to soak up the water.  We didn't really know what the problem was so we figured that one of the kids may have flushed something down the toilet.  We didn't really know what the problem was...  So after about an hour or so of soaking up water and draining towels, we got the water to a respectable level...  Then... I made a huge mistake.  I threw in most of the towels into the washer.  Thinking that our problem was inside the house, I figured that we would need clean towels in case there was more leakage.  When the washer got the draining of the dirty water stage... all hell broke loose.  The bathrooms started to flood again.  This time, we only had HALF of the towels to battle what seemed like a never ending flow of water...  The good thing is that we acted fast enough to keep the water in the bathroom and no more spilled over to the hallway.  I then started draining the towels in the bathtub and reusing them to soak up water.

After about a half hour or so and the water level not really coming down... the wife made the comment that maybe I'm making it worse by throwing water into the tub.  She was right.  I should have been draining the towels outside like we first did...  By this time.. it's somewhere close to 3:30 am or 4 am and we're straining water out of towels in the front lawn.  After about another hour or so, we finally got it dry enough where there is no danger of anyone slipping.  I turned off the water valves in the sink and tub, in case the kids get up and turn the water on.  By the time we're satisfied that nothing else is going to down that morning, we go to be.  It was close to 5:45 am... by then, I already told myself I wasn't going to work.  I have a BIG problem that I need to take care of.

I get up at 6:45 and drive the girls to school.  I ask them if they threw anything down the toilet that they weren't supposed to and both said no.  I dropped them off, grabbed some coffee and then got to work.  Still believing that it may be something in our toilets, I looked up getting a plumber's snake.  I picked one up at Lowe's then went to work.  I went into the toilets and nothing.  I tried the sinks and nothing.  Showers?  Still nothing... I then said that I would need to get a pro to do it.  I started looking up plumbers in the area.  I also called my cousin, who does all the plumbing for the building that he is managing and ask for his opinion.  He quickly said that it sounds like the main drainage pipe is clogged.  He asked me to look for a 4 inch pipe outside the house.  I couldn't find it.  I said I would call him once I found it.  I then called Roter Rooter.  They sent a guy out to the house to check it out and give a free quote.  He found the access pipe and said, $200.  i was like, no thanks guy.  I already have someone that's going to get it done.  He leaves and I go at it with my 25 foot long snake.  Nothing... Damn... I needed something longer.  I go to Lowes and looking for a longer snake, but the longer ones are in the hundred...  

I decided to call a local plumber and got it done for a fraction of the cost.  He stuck in a 75 foot power snake and cleared my pipe (sounds funny.  lol)  and found that baby wipes were the culprit.  It was now, close to 2:30 pm and I started to text my insurance peoples to see what's up with that.  The damage is done in the hallway.  The laminate flooring that I installed is starting to warp.  The edges have risen and it's no longer smooth.  The carpet is still damp and I'm worried that mold might start up if I can't dry it up soon.  If it comes down to it, I'm going to need to replace the carpet as well as the flooring.  I'm hearing that my insurance should cover it...  Now I have that battle to look to forward to.  ugh.   Stay dry, friends.  Until then, later!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Kids and My Father's Presence

Hey there. My pops passed away when I was 9 years old. I grew up without really having a father figure in my life and it was pretty tough. My mother was rarely home so my brother and I practically raised ourselves. I guess that's why my brother and I have a pretty close relationship. Anyways, I always told myself that I would try to be the best dad I could. I am now the dad of 4 and I do my best to provide the best I can. But sometimes... I feel like I'm getting a little help from my pops.

There have been some pretty strange occurrences involving my brother and my kids. First off, when my dad first passed away, my brother would say that he would see him in his dreams. Mind you, my brother was 4 years old when my dad passed, so it's not like he would be making stuff up like that. I'm sure that he was too young to really know what was going on. Then, when our oldest son was born, more weird occurrences started happening. My son would be in his swing, and the swing would inexplicably move on it's own, the TV would turn on and off on it's own, and we would hear some pretty weird noises coming out of a radio that wasn't even plugged in. When our oldest daughter was born, more of the same went on. The same with the swing and I started to hear voices. It never really freaked me out, but it did raise my curiosity.

With our youngest daughter, we didn't have much in that kind of activity, but we did have one huge one. My wife set our daughter down on the couch and she went off to the kitchen. My brother in law was in his room, my wife in the kitchen, and our daughter in the living. Then, my wife hears the sound of someone giving someone a huge kiss. You know, that puckering sound. So she goes over to the living room, thinking that it was my brother in law kissing our daughter. Nope, he was in his room, semi-asleep. My wife freaked. She's never really dealt with anything of that sort so to hear "someone" kiss our baby frightened her. The other night, as we were having dinner, my daughter says to me that she remembers seeing "little daddy" when she was born. I asked her who that was and she said that it was my dad, that she likes calling him "little daddy." It threw me in for a loop but I continued along with her to see what else she would say. She says she remembers seeing him when she was born and that now she misses him. My wife and weren't sure what to make of it. We were not talking about my father so it was extremely odd that she would just throw that idea out there. Now, things are happening with our youngest son.

We find that our son loves to stare at my pop's picture. I have a picture (drawing) of my father in the living room. When we sit on the couch holding our son, we see him stare at the picture and then laugh and coo. Another instance involved footsteps. I was at the store and my wife was sitting with my baby son on the couch. Again, he looked at my father's picture and laughed and cooed and smiled. Then, my wife heard footsteps in the hallway. She freaked. She called me to ask me to hurry home. I check it out and the kids were asleep and I as I stand in the living room, talking to her, we both hear the footsteps again. Pretty intense stuff. And that leads me to the bouncer. Our son loves his bouncer and we believe to have found out why. When we place our son it, we snuggles with his blanket and then drifts asleep. Nothing weird, right? WRONG! That is until you see that the bouncer is rocking itself, even though it's off! It's happened on more than one occasion and I point it out to my wife each time I see it happening. So what are we make out of this?

I say, it's my pops helping me out. It's always happening around our kids, and it's usually when we're trying to rock them or soothe them. I joke around with my wife and tell her that it's my pops doing all the crazy things around the house. The corona bottle, Odin, and since the kids' birth, them. Just the other night, I placed our son in his bouncer and as I was walking away, my wife noticed that the swing was pushed by no one. Yup, it was swinging on it's own. We both just looked at it and said, "Dad, he's in the bouncer." I smiled at wife and she still looked a little freaked out by it. Well, at least we know that my pops is still around, helping out. And if one of the kids start to complain that their head hurts, I'll know it's him... giving them a noogie. lol Later!

Friday, October 16, 2009 : Helping Dogs and Cats Find Loving Homes

Hey there friends. Two years ago, when we first moved into our home, our cat, Wednesday, went missing. We walked around the neighborhood, we asked our neighbors if they have seen our cat and we visited local animal shelters with hope that we will find her in one of the cages there. We didn't find her. After having a long talk with the family, we decided that we would adopt a cat.

It was not easy to find the right cat for us. We visited shelters and we looked through newspapers trying to find the right cat for our family. We chose to adopt a pet to help give a loving home. If we knew of then, we would have had an easier search.

Since the database on runs based on your zip code, you'll know that the pet that you decide to adopt will be one that is in your neighborhood. No need to waste gas on visiting shelter after shelter. All pets at are cared for by reputable shelters so you know that your new addition to the family is well taken care of before you decide to bring it home.

Our Wednesday may be lost, but our adopted cat Jack has been a part of the family for close to two years now. We're glad that we adopted Jack and if you're looking to adopt a pet for your family or for a friend, visit for a quick and easy search for lovable pets right in your neighborhood. Don't forget! Visit - Adopt a cat! and know that you're making a difference in keeping lovable dogs and cats out of our streets and into loving homes. Later.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are We Overprotective Parents?

Hey there. I got to thinking... Are we overprotective of our kids? The thought came up when my wife was telling me how one of her workers was complaining how his pops didn't let him ride his bike out on the street. He was 10 or so years old and could only ride his bike in his back yard. Mind you, his pops is/was a private detective so I can see where he would not want his kid on his own. My wife then said that we let our kids ride their bikes in the yard too and not on the street. He asked when she planned on letting them ride their bikes around the block, and her answer was, "When I'm walking right behind them." lol

Now... It's been a couple of days since our boy left for summer camp. We all miss him and we swear that we hear him sometimes at home. We're parents that talk to our kids daily. Even when we were in New Orleans, we called home to say goodnight to the kids. Having our son be at camp is tough since we are not allowed to call. Might make the kids homesick, we guess.

Anyways, it made me think on whether or not we're keeping the kids close to the vest. I know that when I was kid, I left through the front door in the morning and I wouldn't come back until waaaaaaaaay later in the day. And this was before I was 10 years old. I chalked it up to it just being the times and how things are different now.

As a child, my brother and I were always up to mischief and we were not in the house much. I feel as if the kids are always in the house doing 1 of 3 things: playing video games, playing with each other, or watching TV. We had to mandate a rule to make them go outside and play because I am sure that if it were up to them, they'd hang out in front of the TV all day. Every day, when we get home, we force them to go outside and play with the dogs for at least an hour. This gets them outside of the house to get some much needed outside playing time. And even then, they're in our yard and no further than that.

So I'm thinking, are the kids in the house because we don't let them take off and explore? I mean, how much exploring can you do walking down the street? Its weird because when I was a kid, I knew where my friends from school lived, so if I wanted to hang out with a friend, I'd walk to his house. Since we live in a different city from where the kids go to school, they don't have that option. Maybe that's the problem... I don't know. It's something that my wife and I will have to figure out. This is a big reason why we felt that camp would be good for our boy. To be outside, with his peers, enjoying nature and other activities. Our daughter has expressed an interest in camp and wants to go next year. My wife says that she's not sure if she can deal with 2, soon to be 4,kids away without communication. Come Saturday, we'll get a chance to speak to our boy and see how things played out. Until then, later.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mission: Shed, Almost Complete

Hey there. It's been forever, it seems, but I finally got our shed up. After months and months of cement bags sitting by the side of the house, the foundation for the shed was set in place. All last week, I started to build our shed after work. Knowing that I would not be able to complete it all at once, I built the frame first and decided to wait until the weekend to really tackle the job. Sometime during the week, my wife told me that she hired her brother to come and help me during the weekend. I figured it was ok, since we sent our boy to summer camp for the week, he would be a good help and someone to talk to while building the shed. He helped me put up the walls of the shed but he was really helpful when it came to put up the roof beams. I don't think I would have been able to that on my own so I'm glad he was there for that. We left the shed, partially complete Saturday night and I continued the work on Sunday. I managed to get the roofing 95% done. Roofing was a HUGE pain to do. Not so much because the sheet metal was heavy, but because I couldn't reach some of the openings on the roof to screw in the bolts. It was frustrating me and it came down to me not screwing them all in and having to get on the roof of the shed to do it. I still need to do some now but that will have to wait until next weekend. I need to screw in the last 2 pieces of the shed. Since the roofing is at an angle, I need to finish off the highest point of the shed (I can't think of the name right now but you'll see what I'm talking about in the pictures).

The dogs thought it was their mansion. They walked in and out of the place like they owned it. The girls are pretty happy with it. They kept walking in and out of it and they helped where they can. My wife is glad it's finally done. We can finally move some of our stuff outside to create even more space for the baby. We've been storing all kinds of stuffs in our closets so it's going to be nice to get all stuff outside. It's also going to make our yard look a lot better. We have bikes and tools and all kinds of stuff that is just lingering in the yard. Finally, we'll have a place to put all that away. I strongly recommend you guys get one, if you don't have one already. Check out the pics of our shed. Later.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Best Dog Shampoo Around

Hey there friends. If you haven't read this yet, then you are definitely not in the know about a great dog shampoo. And after my initial posting of this great product, a reader of mine pointed our that our good friends at Dinovite may specialize in dog nutrition and products, but they also have a line of feline products as well. What a pleasant surprise, since I not only own 2 dogs, but a house cat as well.

Is your dog itching, scratching and stinking beyond belief? I had previously mentioned how Odin and Lucy (my dogs) have this smell to them that I can't seem to wash off. No matter how much I rather, rinse, and repeat, they have this odd smell to them. I don't know if it's what they eat or if there is a permanent odor to them that I can't seem to get off and since they have limited house privileges, I definitely want them smelling the best they can when I let them in the house. Some will compare the dogs' smell to that of a skunk but I'm not about to bath my dogs in a tub of tomato sauce to find out if that is what it is. Can you imagine how many times I would need to rinse a white dog to remove the red??? Dinovite's dog shampoo , DogOsuds, claim to get rid of that smell and offer many other benefits to my dogs. Not only does it keep your dog clean for a long time, but it's a natural flea deterrent, and helps soothe those nasty hot spots that many dogs encounter. Odin has a hot spot I try to help soothe it with sprays and wash cloths. And the shampoos that I use sure don't help since I usually use more than one shampoo to was the dogs. It's usually a flea shampoo and a deodorizing shampoo. Since I shop around for a dog shampoos, I have yet to find anything that comes close to this. You would have to buy at least 3 products (deodorizer, flea shampoo, sensitive skin shampoo) just to match what DogOsuds can do. My readers have already recommended it to me and since I now know that there may very well be a feline DogOsuds, I can't help but to get this product.

Dinovite has definitely won me over with it's services and products. If you are a pet owner and have not read or heard any of their radio commercials, you owe it to you pets to go and check out the Dinovite website. Do your best to keep your dogs happy and healthy and with products from Dinovite, it just makes it that much easier. Later.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

DogOSuds by Dinovite

Hey there friends. You guys should be well aware that I have a zoo at home. lol Dogs, cat, rabbit, tarantula... and it's tough to keep the house smelling clean when our family pets are roaming around the house. Our dogs, Odin and Lucy, are outside dogs, but have the privilege to hang around the house from time to time. One of our biggest problems is their odor and shedding. Don't you hate it when it feels as if you wash your dog one day, just to have the stink return the next? Or have them jump on your couch only be able to point out the exact spot they were sitting in? I haven't been able to find a solution to these problems. Until now, that is.

Dinovite has done it again with their line of dog shampoo, DogOSuds. I'll admit, I haven't tried this shampoo yet, but I'm planning on getting it since I feel demoralized when I wash my dogs only have that odor return and I've tried a few different shampoos hoping that one will keep our dogs smelling clean. I was about to give up hope til this product presented itself. I've already talked to my wife about it and we're going to go for it. And as an added plus, the shampoo is a natural flea deterrent! Considering that they're outside most of the time, a little added flea protection would be great to help keep fleas outside the house. That's the last thing I need, considering that we're expecting a new addition to the family come October.

Now... If only Dinovite can branch off and create a "MeowOvite", I'd be an even more happy pet owner. The shampoo that we have for Jack, our cat, just isn't cutting it no more and a product like this would be great for him as well, since this dog shampoo reduces shedding. Until I find that product, later.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dinovite - The One Spot Stop for Dog Nutrition

Hey there friends. As many of you, I have quite a few pets at home. We have a rabbit (Shadow), tarantula (Vixin), cat (Jack), and two dogs (Odin and Lucy) and we try our best to have them well nourished and healthy. Well, recently I've noticed that Odin has what many call a hot spot. He's gotten in the habit of scratching it all the time, not giving it the chance to heal up. After going to my local pet store and asking for advice, I was told that a "hot spot" spray would help him from scratching. It worked at first, but now, it came back. After looking around, for a solution, I came across Dinovite.

I was first drawn to the site because it asked the question, "Does your dog itch, scratch, and shed like crazy?" I wouldn't say Odin does it like crazy, but if he's scratching, he has to be itching and I have noticed less hair in that general vicinity so to answer that question, yes, yes, and yes. lol I clicked the solution button and was taken to the solutions center where I was asked a few questions about Odin. Before I knew it, I was looking at a vitamin supplement to help my dog. I was little iffy on it at first, but after reading the ingredients and the description on what each one does, it started to sound pretty good. And the best part is that it's 100% guaranteed to help your pet, so there really isn't anything that you could lose for not trying this out. Another thing that I learned is that a healthy dog does not shed hair, regardless of the breed. Maybe I thought I was giving the best to my dog, but if he's shedding hair, he may be malnourished.

Hmmm... I really need to check this out. If all Dinovite promises is true, they have the best product that you can give to your dog. Odin's about a year and half now while Lucy is still month's away from her first birthday. I need to make sure that they grow up to be healthy dogs and I think that Dinovite is going to make it that much easier to assure that I can. Later.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Odin's House

Hey there. So I decided to build Odin a dog house. I went to Home Depot yesterday and got all the wood that I needed. The only thing that I did not get was the exterior plywood sheet... Since we're in a mid sized car, there was no way in hell I was going to be able to fit that in. I'm thinking of maybe having HD deliver it to me... but not if it doesn't make sense cash wise. So as I was unloading the wood planks, I told my boy that he's going to help build it. From what I hear, he's excited. Gonna try to get the house done by nightfall so that I can have plenty of time to watch The Girl Next Door. Received it yesterday, but because the Lakers were on, I didn't watch the movie. Watched the game instead. So yeah. lol I got my plans, got my wood, got my saw, and I got my helper so I'm good to go. Will fill you in how that turns out.

Hopefully, I won't be on the news... as the guy who chopped his hand off. Until then, later.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hey there. Something odd happened yesterday. We left our dog, Odin, outside our house for the first time while we were at work. As we left in the morning, we saw him outside through our gate. When we got back home, HE WAS IN THE HOUSE!! We were like, WTF!!! As we walked through the house looking for an opening that he may have came in from, we found nothing. And the doors were locked and all windows closed. I joked with my wife that our dog can walk through walls. I walked around the outside of the house, looking for any way that he could've entered the house and found nothing...

We found him outside, today... But we still can't get over the fact that he was in our house after we left him outside. It kinda freaked out my wife a bit.

Keep an eye out for my "ghost dog", Odin. Until then, later.