Friday, June 17, 2011

The Best Pet Hair Remover: The CarPET

Hey there friends.  As most of you know, I'm a proud owner of 3 dogs.  My mini poodle Odin, my chihuahua terrier Lucy, and their young one Lacy.  Even though they spend most of their time outside, we like to let them in the house from time to time and they just LOVE to hang out on the couch.  Wait... did I say hang around???  It's more like, roll over, jump, drag, and pounce all over them.  lol  I swear, it's as if they see the couch as a doggie jumper!  I like seeing them play and be happy.  What I don't like is having to clean up all the hair that they leave on the couch.  And since they all have white hair, it's very noticeable on our dark couches.  The short hairs really get in the upholstery so even after I vacuum the cushions, I still find hair every now and then.  But guess what... my good friends at Wicked or What offered me a solution... the CarPET!

This thing is awesome!  With little to no effort, I managed to get all the hair off the couch.  It's definitely the best pet hair remover that I have come across.  The CarPET's unique rubber design make's it easy to hold and use.  The small spikes are the perfect length to get into my couch and reach those small grooves in the stitching.  It made hair clean up a whole lot easier and faster.
But they don't call it the CarPET for nothing.  You can also use it in your car.  When I take the dogs to the vet, hair gets all over the seats in the van.  The CarPET easily removes the hair from the floor and the seats.  And while doing the seats, I noticed that it not only grabs the hair, but it attracts lint like a magnet.  My daughter loves to wear this red sweater and it always leaves lint behind on her seat.  I've spent up to 20 minutes trying to vacuum the lint and scrub the seat.  With the CarPET, I was able to get all of it in no more than 3 swipes.  This thing is awesome!

I find myself using the CarPET on almost a daily basis.  Even if the dogs were not in the house, I find myself using it to brush the couch just so that it can pick up any lint that I may have missed.  It's great for carpets, rugs, couches, car uphosltery, and many other things where lint, hair, and other small debris may get into.  If you own a pet and pet hair is a major nuisance for you, do yourself a favor and check out the CarPET.  You'll be glad you did.  Later!

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