Monday, June 6, 2011

Thinking of Promotional Items for Metallman

Hey there.  So I've been on a mission to overhaul this blog.  I spent some time thinking about my layout and I've decided that I really need an expert to come in here and change things up.  I need a new logo and I need something to pass out to friends and family.  I realized this weekend that a business card would be cool.  My comadre and a friend both had business cards that they were passing out at a party and I figured that it would have been cool if I had something to pass out as well.  Well... for one thing, I'm considering getting custom printed envelopes since I've been mailing out games to my winners.  Custom pens also have been considered.  I told myself that everyone needs things to write with so I can just throw a pen in the envelope as a thank you.  Just a few ideas that I have been toying around with.

The one thing that I for sure absolutely must have is a mug with my logo on it.  Now that would be awesome.  I've seen many promo mugs out there and I've even seen some beer steins with custom logos on it but I don't want to get it with my current logo.  I don't think I would give out any mugs.  That would be a personal item for me.  I'm a coffee fiend so I know it'll get much usage.  I'll probably have that one at work.  I want another one with my family crest (or is it coat of arms?) on it.  Now that would be awesome.

Anyways, I'll set this plan into motion once I get the new look up and running.  New blog layout, new logo, new outlook.  Until then, later!


  1. Hey there K,

    You are soooo right. I'll need to check that out for sure. I almost forgot about that one. Thanks.

  2. What type of promotional items do you find fun/useful? T-shirts, coasters, pens, key rings - most of it ends up as rubbish but what free promotional items have you been given that you've actually kept and used? Thanks

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