Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Metallman's Reverie: Blog Income for May 2011

Hey there.  May is in the the books and it's time to report on how well on (or off) pace we are in reaching my $1700 goal for the year. Let's take a look at the numbers:

Mylikes - $8.84
Sponsored Tweets - $25.75
Sponsored Reviews - $100.00
DragonBlogger - $23.67
Dad Central - $50.00
Blogsvertise - $71.00
Total for May - $279.76
YTD Total - $932.41 (+$224.08 ahead of pace)

Had a pretty good month last month, no?  Actually, it's the most I have ever made in a given month!  So that's a new Metallman Reverie high!  YES!  I'm now well ahead of pace to reach my goal of $1700 for this year.  If I have another good month this June, I might revise my goal and increase it to $2000.  It's definitely doable at the pace that I've been going.  So let's break it down.

I received a huge boost from Sponsored Reviews this month.  I haven't received many tasks from this affiliate so I was quite surprised that a big dollar job was waiting for me last month.  There's no doubt that the unexpected payout there pushed me to my best month ever.

I declined many tasks last month from Blogsvertise.  Hence, the drop off of income from this affiliate.  I felt like I was getting a little too task happy and it was cluttering the site.  I decided to spread them out more and see how that goes.  I also received a rank upgrade there so I am now considered a 4 star blog out of 5.  We'll see if that means higher paying tasks.

I've been more active in the Dragonblogger community and have increased my earnings there.  It's a great tech/gaming/blog site that I am happy to be a part of.  I've submitted a few E3 articles this month to cover the PSVita and Wii U so feel free to check those out.

A new addition to my income stream is Dad/Mom Central Consulting.  What a great group of people that I was referred to by my good friend, Alison.  I've been paid for a single review and was paid with an Amazon giftcard.  But the best part of it is that I've been fortunate to be selected to receive some swag to review and give away!  I'm still new to them so I'm hoping that I'll continue to be selected to participate in their "Blog Tours".

So there you have it.  Another great month.  Thank you friends!  I've also tried to expand the site by creating a facebook fan page.  I like how that's going, though it's not all that great... yet.  The giveaways are going great.  I don't have 1000s of entries like some of my blogging friends do but that's alright.  It just gives my readers the sense that hey, they can win this one.  lol  I think that if it even gets into the thousands, I'll select 2 winners as opposed to 1.  I'm not there yet but that's just a thought I just had.  I've also been thinking of having 2 giveaways a month as opposed to 1.  I'm still messing around with that idea so that's not a for sure thing just yet.

Thank you all for reading, and thank you all for sticking with me for 3+ years.  I really appreciate it!!!  Later!


  1. Hahahaha! I've seen some of those horribly written missplelled write ups. lol I've been guilty of posting a few of those. I like that Blogsvertise allows me to write up the post however I want as long as I add the links requested, so I've been able to write up about everyday stuff going on in my life and just add the links where appropiate.

    I was a big fat 0 for about a year before being bumped up to a PR1. It'll take some time but I'm sure you'll get a better PR and once you do, more opps follow.

  2. I'm jealous too! I'm still a big ZERO on PR :( I only started my blog in April though, so maybe the next time they check for it i'll be a 2 lol. How do you make money off Blogvertise? I hardly ever get offers from them, and when i do, they're spammy, like copy/paste this horribly written mis-spelled write up! Do you use the grab bag offers? I signed up for Sponsored Tweets but gave up on them. I think i'm going to have another look at them tonight though since my Twitter rank has risen. Thanks for sharing this info. I love seeing what's possible!

  3. I think your PR is high because you're consistent with posts and Google likes that.

    Logical Media, I've made a total of $406.83, but they only pay out every 3 months IF you have made a $100, otherwise you'll have to wait an extra month to get paid until you accumulate that. CJ I just started making money on because I purchase things from my affiliates, had a couple purchases from Torrid from readers, but they're only 5% commission, compared to Eden's 20% ( I get free gift cards for writing posts about them ). So right now I have $178 waiting to be paid to me and just got $108 from Logical. Even though my other blog is dedicated to Amazon Deals, their affiliate love is not very loving. Commission percentage is different for each category, like electronics, baby, etc. I've made them $565.74 and they've only given me $30.50 for it. LOL Better than nothing I suppose. All of this is an experiment to see what works for those whom visit my site, and then I'll start focusing on those to hopefully up my page rank and wages. Along with twittering, facebooking and stumbling my posts. hehe.

  4. Hey there Jenn, 

    Muahahahahaa!  I'm better than you!  I kid I kid!!!!  lol  I'll admit that I'm surprised that I have a PR 3 blog.  I don't think my blog is all that great but Google seems to think so and the layout is all out of whack...  I really need to start thinking of letting someone do an awesome layout for me.

    I seem to get something from Blogsvertise all the time.  In fact, I declined 2 tasks today.  SocialSpark has always been good to me and I seem to get a steady $25 a month from SponsoredTweets so I can't complain. As for Sponsored Reviews...  I've been with them since I started blogging and this is only my second task ever.  SECOND!  lol  They just don't seem to update it much or something cause it seems dead and then I get this offer.  I'm hoping that it'll start picking up there.  

    I've never tried Commission Junction or Logical Media.  How is that working for you?

  5. I'm jealous, I never get any opps from Sponsored Reviews (but since they like to keep half of what you get paid, I'm not too hurt. bastards) and Sponsored Tweets has slowed way the hell down, probably because I didn't switch to their new paying option to get more opps. Blogsvertise once in a blue moon i'll get something. I'm a part of Mylikes but have not done anything with it because I see it as too spammy, but maybe I'll give it a chance.

    My main money makers are Social Spark, Logical Media & Commission Junction.

    Guess I need to get from rank 1 to rank 3 where you're at. LOL

    - evil poptart


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