Monday, June 27, 2011

Attention All Geeks! Use Geek Alerts for All Your Geeky Needs

Hey there friends.  I'm a geek at heart.  I love all things tech, I'm the "computer guy" of the family, I play video games, and I love geeky movies like the Cube series.  So when I stumbled across Geek Alerts, I knew I found a new home to satisfy my taste for all things geek.

They have product reviews, tech news, coupons, and more.  It's great that it can all be found on one site.  A great place to get great reviews and awesome prices on tech gadgets is  It's been advertised on TV and it has a great reputation.  Geek Alerts knows this so they offer their readers a whole page of promo codes for the site.  You will definitely find the Newegg promo code for what you are looking for.  Whether it be cash off, free shipping, or a deal on that gaming laptop, if it's available, Geek Alerts will have it. And the best part is that they cater to geeks from all walks of life. Check out these awesome Cabelas coupons for the outdoorsman type geek!

I'm more of a computer/gaming/tech kinda guy and these plush toys caught my attention.
Ramona and Scott
Scott Pilgrim stuff!!!  The kids and I are huge Scott Pilgrim fans!  I love the novel and the kids know it through the movie.  Nevertheless, we can share our love for the character with these awesome plush toys.  lol  Yes, they're toys, not DOLLS!  lol  Find other awesome stuff like this at Geek Alert and satisfy your inner geek.  Later!

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