Monday, June 13, 2011

Look for Extreme Discounts with Penny Auctions from

Hey there.  We all like great deals, no?  I'm not the best at scoring deals but I know that I simply no longer pay full price for anything.  I always seem to find an online discount, coupon, or sale for pretty much anything.  I figure that a small discount is better than no discount.  But I'm tired of saving just a few bucks.  I want to save big on big ticket items.  Or at least have a chance to score something big at an insane discount.  That's where bidrack comes into play. is a penny auction site where you bid on popular items, such as an iPad 2, and whatever the price is at the end, is what you're getting it for.  All items start at $0 and as bidders make their move, the price increases by a penny each time.  If the timer is under 10 seconds and some one makes that last second bid, the timer will reset to 10 seconds, giving you (or someone else) the chance to increase the bid.  I think that's pretty exciting.

I've already signed up.  I want to be able to score an iPad 2 for under $20!  That's an auction that's going on right now!  A $799.99 brand new, 16 gig iPad 2 is being auctioned off and that's the current winner's bid.  You can't miss out on some of these great deals.  Check it out and take a look at their on going auctions here.  Later!

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