Wednesday, June 29, 2011

JoyStick Division Sends Metallman an E3 Swag Box

Hey there.  I recently entered a contest at and was randomly chosen as the winner!  Hell yes!  I've been reading Joystick Division for quite some time and I know that they started having weekly giveaways.  One of the more recent type of giveaway is their "Mystery Box" giveaways, which are pretty awesome.  They'll put all kinds of random stuff in a box and you leave a comment saying you want it and take a stab at what's inside.  Many of the commentors have gone off the deep end and will leave some pretty crazy and funny comments and it's always a good laugh to see what they say.  Well, I ended up winning the latest mystery box and low and behold, the great haul that I have won!

Oh yeah!  Metallman approves!
Some of you would call this plain old junk, but you know what... it's MY junk!  And actually, it's not junk at all.  Every piece is being put to use!  I've given the Pheneas and Ferb beanie to my daughter, my son is claiming the posters, the gaming magazines and the Sony lanyard, the E3 daily mags are mine, and my wife is already making good use of the tote bag.  I'm pretty happy with my loot.  Thanks Joystick Division!  You guys are freakin' awesome!  Later!


  1. Awesome swag! I love mystery prizes but I'm geeky like that. Enjoy!


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