Friday, June 24, 2011

A Review of

Hey there. This year has been a banner year for  Income is up, promotional opportunities are up, readership is up, and pageviews are up.  Everything is pointing in the right direction!  So I've been thinking of small ways to keep the readers engaged and coming back and I think that a few promo items would be good.  I've expressed interest before in branching out and getting some promotional items for the site. Nothing too fancy and nothing too pricy. Just a little something that I can give away to my readers, friends and family. I decided to start off small and then see where that takes me.

So as I browse around, I come to one of the few websites that is willing to provide a sample product,  The first thing that stands out from the site is the 20% guarantee that they proudly display.  Like I said before, I like discounts and I like when a company doesn't hide the fact that you could save a little more money on their site (and others in this case) is definitely worth a look.  Then, as you're browsing through all the promotional t-shirts, keychains, mugs, pens, and all other kinds of goodies, you notice the award logo on the left side bar. has won the PPAI (Promotional Products Assoc. Intl.) 7 times this past decade.  So not only is this a promotional item site, but it's an award winning promotional item site.

I went ahead and uploaded the Metallman logo and asked for a sample.  The loading of the .jpeg was extremely easy and was done in no more than 2 minutes.  Adding it to a product was easy as well.  Branders will automatically center it for you but if you want your logo on a specific spot, you can use their grid to position your logo anywhere on the product.  Since I'm an avid coffee drinker, check out this mug that I created with my logo on it.
I like seeing my wite on a product.  I think it looks awesome... but I still think I may need a new logo.  Something that's more modern and something that is print friendly.  Also... I don't think I'd be giving away mugs.  Small items like keychains or pens would be more likely.  Something that I can easily slip into an envelope or something that I can carry with me.  For those with a more recognizable brand or convention booths may be able to get bigger items to give away but since I'm still a small fry, I'll have to think small.  lol

I'm loving the Branders' site.  Make sure to check it out if you're in need of promo items and feel free to ask for a free sample.  A representative contacted me within minutes of putting in my request.  Now that's service.  Later!

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