Friday, June 10, 2011

Taking Up a New Hobby

And it's gone!
Hey there.  I am in need of a hobby.  Not just something where I can lounge around at home and do, but something that will get me outdoors and move around some.  I am still on a mission to be more fit, but I'll be honest and my workouts have been sporadic.  There is no routine, no consistency, and quite frankly, little to no motivation.  But you wanna know something that does motivate me?  COMPETITION!

So as some of you know, my bro, my son, and I have been going to the batting cages just to get some activity going.  Last week, in addition to the batting, we tossed a baseball around in the park.  That's when my bro told me about the baseball league that he's about to enter to kill time during the summer.  He asked if I wanted to join him since they needed players.

Now...  I'm not a huge baseball fan.  I simply cannot watch it on TV.  I think the game is slow.  But, I don't mind playing it.  I think that once you're engaged in the game, time doesn't slow and you enjoy it more. I had always thought that I would be more of paintball kind of guy.  I even looked into some paintball guns from paintball discounters to see what kind of paintball gun I would be interested in.  Back in the day, some freinds from high school had their own paintball team but because I didn't have the money, I didn't join them.  Even my brother in law has a paintball gun and when I saw it, it resparked my interest in the sport.  I think he said something like, "buy Tippman paintball guns." since he felt he grabbed a great gun and deal.

Anyways, my bro already had the team in place so this was much easier to get involved in as opposed to starting a brand new paintball team.  So I talked it over with the wife and decided that I'm going to do it.  Yup, Metallman is now on a baseball team that won't start playing until July.  Another great thing is that my son is genuinely interested in the sport.  He's taken up an interest in basketball and baseball and I'm hoping that I can set an example for him and plant a seed in him to pick up a sport and play.  He's not on a team in school but has said that he's ready to try out.  I'll take him to practices and the games hoping that he'll practice with us.  

A little competition should get my adrenaline going since I know I'll want to be my best and do my best.  I've always been that way.  Whether it be a musical instrument, video games, or sports.  Once I'm focused and tuned in... I'm all in.  Hopefully, this is something that I'll be good at as well.Wish me luck!  Later!

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