Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Local Baseball Team DTK (Down to Strikeout)

Hey there.  So it's happening...  I'm on a local baseball team.  I'm still not 100% how it happened but I'm glad it did.  I've been feeling a little slow lately since I really haven't been exercising much, but since I've committed to the team, I've picked it up a bit.  I've been hitting the batting cages with my son and bro, working on that eye hand coordination, and even tossed a ball a bit to work on glove mechanics (or whatever the baseball lingo is).

So tonight is the team's first workout and practice.  It was supposed to be last night but due to the Mexico-Honduras soccer game, a "team meeting" was taking place at a local brewery.  lol  I must admit that I was looking forward to the practice.  My boy has been practicing his swing and was accompanying me to the practice.  He was going to participate in the workout and do whatever practice he could get out of the group.  It would have been a great activity to do with him.  He's planning on joining me tonight, but I don't know if he still is.  You see, he's now on a basketball team.  He's scheduled to practice sometime this week and plays games on Sunday at the local church.  The problem is that I don't know when the coach shceduled the practice so it could be today and the boy may have decided to go to that practice as opposed to baseball practice.  It's fine by me, but I would have liked to have hung out with him during both practices.

Anyways, so the team name is DTK, which stands for Down to Strikeout.  lol  It's not the bests of names, I know, but eh, you stand by your team, regardless of the name.  lol  It's made up of friends and family.  My brother, a bunch of his friends, my cousin, and an old friend of mine are all part of the team so the team chemistry should be good right off the bat.  So that's going on in my life.  Before you know, I'll be a local sports hero.  HA!  At the very least, it's going to get me in my competitive spirit again.  I was even talking to the wife that maybe I'll jump on a soccer team next year.  It's a good way to get our son involved as well.  Since I started working on my swing, the boy has shown some genuine interest in sports.  He'll work on his swing on his own and even play catch with the girls so he can work on his game.  Hopefully, he'll continue to work on it and be on team one day... like his pops!  lol

Who knows what'll happen, but I do know that once competition is involved, I turn it up to a whole new level and I can't wait to see how we do this year.  I'm not a baseball player, never have been, so the whole sport, lingo, and workout will all be new to me.  But I'm a competitor so I'll definitely be giving it my best.  Wish us luck!  Later!

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