Thursday, June 16, 2011

Great Father's Day Gift Ideas at Walmart

Hey there.  Father's Day is near!  What have you picked up for your pops?  Nothing?  Oh man... No worries, I'm about to show you some pretty awesome stuff that you can pick up at your local Walmart for your dad!  But before getting into that, let me tell you of a time before iPad 2's and Blackberry tablets.  I'm talking about the 80's where a VCR was the main tech attraction.  You see, I was born in 1982 and I only had my dad for 9 short years before it was time for him to move on from this life.  I didn't get the chance to shower him with some of the awesome technology we have today.  Most of my gifts for dad included hand drawn cards and pasta encrusted creations.  Sincere, loving, and always from the heart.  It would have been cool to grab my dad a GPS navigator (we got lost a few times... I know that for a fact) or an awesome big screen TV for the big fight or game.  Even though he's no longer here, this Father's Day, I will be getting my pops a gift, it just won't be of the tech variety.  And kids... I know you're reading this.  Use this post as the "Unofficial Daddy's Wishlist".  lol

First off, what dad would NOT want a brand new iPad 2!  Especially dads of the tech savvy generation.  This powerful machine can last up to 10 hrs on battery power, has a built in Wi-Fi (3G in some models), dual processors, front and back cameras, and all sorts of other goodness built in!  It's perfect for the dad that's always on the move and can't stray to long from the internet.  It's lightweight and is easier to carry around than a bulky laptop.  The only downside is the price.  Some models can cost up to $829.99 (pretty steep in my eyes) but if your kids are savvy, they'll step it up and get you an iPad 2 and say it's from all of them.  (You paying attention, kids?)

What if your dad is not very tech savvy and would prefer to keep it simple?  Then you can't go wrong with a camera!  How else is he going to capture all those wonderful moments with the kids, grandkinds, and the rest of the family?  You want something easy to use and something with a big screen.  Something like the Kodak 14MP Easyshare Z981 Digital Camera.  It's easy to use and with the easyshare feature, it's easy to post pictures on Facebook and easy to post videos on Youtube.  And if your dad is an avid bird watcher, combining the camera's 24x optical zoom with it's fast .9 sec burst mode, pictures will come out crystal clear even if the bird is in mid flight.  A great camera for a gift.

And for the dad that's a huge sports enthusiast?  There is no better gift than the gift of clarity.  An awesome RCA 46" 1080p LCD HDTV will be a great upgrade from that old, bulky projector TV that he has sitting in the living room.  This stylish flatscreen TV will be all he needs when the big game comes on in glorious HDTV.  I DONT HAVE A HDTV!!!!  I'm a sports enthusiast... I like watching the big game... but I DONT HAVE A HDTV!!! (kids... that's all you)  Priced at $539, it's a perfect intro to HDTV's.  It's not too big and it's not small.  It's the perfect size for any size room.
These are just some of the awesome gifts you can pick up at you local Walmart.  You can also check out the Walmart Father's Day electronic page for special online deals.  They'll ship to your local store or ship directly to your house.  Your choice.  But if you're like me and would like to see gifts first hand, drive over to your neighborhood Walmart and check them out for yourself.  Happy Father's Day!  So dads, what's on your wishlist?  Later!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of Walmart and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


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  2. I'm already looking for father's day presents this year, lol.


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