Friday, June 3, 2011

PSN Attacked Again! (05.18.11 Post Update)

Hey there. The Playstation network has been attacked again!  This morning, once everyone was beginning to feel all warm and cozy over the mass Emailing that Sony sent out to their customers, the hackers got to work and infiltrated the "new and secure" PSN.  Now, the service is down while Sony works on fixing it.

Man... as a friend stated to me earlier, hackers are working to bring Sony to it's knees.  The question I'm having is why pick on Sony when Microsoft has their own online network as well?  Does this just mean that Xbox Live is the more secure network while Sony is half assing their security that is allowing hackers into their network?  I don't know Sony... but you are losing major brownie points with gamers everywhere. 

This past month, sales for the PS3 are down, games for the PS3 are down, and Gamestop has let it be known that PS3's are being traded in for Xbox 360's.  If you're a loner and love playing games by yourself, then you don't have a problem, but the majority of gamers are online playing popular multiplayer games such as Black Ops and if they can't get their fix through a PS3, they will get it through a Xbox 360.  Get it together, Sony.  You're losing this battle and you're beginning to lose your fan base.  Later!

Read up on the latest of the PSN disaster over at G4.

Update 06.03.11

I received this Email from reader Erik and he managed to shed some light as to why PS3 has been under attack.

"Sony worked with the FBI earlier this year (or last year) to bust a German man who was very good at hacking PS3s. He did some sort of jailbreaking or whatever -- your regular acts of "piracy" and what-have-you.

Anyway, Sony and friends got the guy into custody and some people from /b/ didn't take this too well. They called it an attack against all pirates (or free media) and said they'd do what the internet hate-machine 4-chan does: hack sh*t.

I've heard these hackers are a splinter group from 4-chan, but then I've heard the opposite. The interbutts is both a great and awful place for scuttlebutt. :\ "

So what do you think?  Is Sony under attack because they raised a red flag with hacker groups?  Interesting, no? Especially since they were under attack again yesterday.  Thanks for the info Erik!  Later!


  1. Are you serious? I was just about to log in and see if I could get my two free games they were offering to PSN subscribers.

  2. Hey there Jenn. They are claiming that it wasn't a hack (same thing they said before) but I don't know... I'm finding it kind of hard to trust them right now. They're saying it's safe to go online again to get your "come back" incentives, but I would do so cautiously.

  3. Well I guess it's a good thing I don't have any credit card information stored online, otherwise I'd be super paranoid. Thanks for the heads up, otherwise I probably wouldn't have known since Sony doesn't seem to like to send emails out.

    bastards. LOL

  4. Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I have one, but I never bought anything on their network so I'm kinda eh about the whole thing... but I know more than a few people that are pretty upset over it. And yeah, you're right. They don't send any freakin' emails at all! Them bastards. LMAO!

  5. Something is seriously wrong with the system they have, they seriously need to get their act together, considering the amount of users tat Sony have!

  6. I know more than a few people that are pretty upset over it. And yeah,
    you're right. They don't send any freakin' emails at all! Them

  7. Maybe it's just that culture of denial in japanese business..." if WE got hacked!" or "No the radiation situation at the fukushima nuclear plant is not dangerous". My grandma always said honesty makes you bomb proof. Lies require more lies to cover the lies and I for one could not be arsed having to have such a spectacular memory. Their poker-faced opacity in this situation; their veiled and obtuse explanations have certainly not helped put anyone's mind at ease. The mushroom policy of keeping customers and fans in the dark whilst feeding them lots of shit is easy to take as a collective insult to our intelligence. I am surprised it did not occur to sony to include the gaming community; arm them with as much information as possible about the attacks, effectively making us all part of the hunt..."if you have any information..." and all that. Maybe it is all a farce...a sham..because for such a massive and public event it is certainly a very hushed investigation... "we are working with the FBI....Shhhhhh!"

  8. Obviously it's the evil microsoft empire. They are behind all the viruses. They are only successful at all because they hired all the hackers jailed in the 80s when they were released. Think about how many trojans actually force direct you to microsoft software. When there is a gazillion dollars at stake, noone wants to share...all corporations exist to make a profit for their shareholders. Clearly one need only look at who gains from such an event


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