Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hey there. Something odd happened yesterday. We left our dog, Odin, outside our house for the first time while we were at work. As we left in the morning, we saw him outside through our gate. When we got back home, HE WAS IN THE HOUSE!! We were like, WTF!!! As we walked through the house looking for an opening that he may have came in from, we found nothing. And the doors were locked and all windows closed. I joked with my wife that our dog can walk through walls. I walked around the outside of the house, looking for any way that he could've entered the house and found nothing...

We found him outside, today... But we still can't get over the fact that he was in our house after we left him outside. It kinda freaked out my wife a bit.

Keep an eye out for my "ghost dog", Odin. Until then, later.


  1. Yeah, that is kind of scary...your dog is super cute though btw!

  2. Thanks for the comment Q! It hasn't happened anymore... Let's hope it stays that way. Last thing I wanna see is my dog walking through walls. lol