Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Boy and His Domo

Hey there. Lately, a creature by the name of Domo has been popping up in unlikely places. First, it was at Hot Topic. Then, it was at Target. Now, he's invading 7-11 stores across America. This little guy is taking over the states! For those of you not familiar, Domo is described as a creature that hatched from an egg and hates apples. lol Sounds like my kinda guy. The kids love him. My youngest daughter bugged me for a Domo doll for almost a week straight when we would go to the 7-11 each morning for coffee. I ended up getting her a clip on Domo that she proudly shows off to her friends.

Last night, I was at Target and my wife reminded me that I promised our baby a Domo. So I grabbed 2. lol One to clip on his diaper bag and the other for him to carry around with him. Almost as soon as I brought Domo home, my wife started laughing. She laughed at the fact that I said Domo would protect our little one while we slept. I propped him up on the rail of his bassinet and my wife nearly split her seams, she was laughing so hard. She said that it was funny to her how there is a little angel sleeping and then... there's Domo. lmao Check out the pic that I took.
Domo stands gallantly, warding off evil doers and bad dreams

This morning, I made sure that I put Domo in my baby's car seat so that he can play with him at grandma's house. I received a few picture messages from my wife displaying Domo and my son. lol Check put the one my wife sent.
"Oh no! Domo is gonna eat our baby!", the wife says. lmao

Oh man. It seemed like my wife was having more fun with Domo than our son. Then, she sends this.
"Domo is trying to eat him!", she says.

I say they were playing with each other. My wife claims it was proof of Domo trying to eat the baby. lol Oh man, it looks like my wife is having more fun with Domo right now. lol All is well, though. Before I went back to work, I glanced back and saw that Domo was right there, protecting our little one once again.
LMAO! Later!

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