Monday, October 12, 2009

Rock-A-Bye Baby Music is Just What I Needed

Hey there. Have you heard of the Rock-A-Bye lullaby music? Oh man, it's great. I am a fan of classical music and when I first heard the Rock-A-Bye music, I just needed to have it. It's lullaby renditions of some of the top rock artists' music. They have albums for No Doubt, Green Day, Led Zepplin, Tool, The Ramones, Metallica and many, many more. We bought a few of the songs for the baby not too long ago and we finally put them to use last night. Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones), Hotel California (The Eagles), Schism (Tool), were just a few of the songs that we purchased. The little one loved them. He listened to them for a bit, taking in the melodies, before he started to drift off. We don't have the Metallica rendition yet. I wanted to have the actual album opposed to buying the songs online. I'm ordering it right now! Check out the selection of Rock-A-Bye Baby music here. There is something for every one. Whether it be classic tunes or more modern rock acts. Rock-A-Bye baby will have your taste. Later!


  1. Love the classic rock songs. My husband is a self proclaimed classic rock Ask him anything and he can usually answer the question. When he's around classic rock is the ONLY kind of music we listen to.

  2. How about that. Lullabies made from the music of the 80's? That sounds so weird! But classics, definitely. I love classical music. That's music from the 1800's not the 1980's. I'm not quite old enough to be a classic myself LOL.

  3. these are awesome. i have the entire tool album and listen to it all the time.


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