Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Giving Back Some Website Love with E-Referrer

Hey there. I just added a new feature on this blog, A Top 10 Website Referrer list. I have tried my best to give back to those that comment and visit Metallman's Reverie. I added a top commentary list to rewards those that leave comments on this site. Now, with this new list, I'll be able to provide a link to those sites that bring in traffic.

I just added it today and I can filter out certain websites, if I chose to. I'm leaning towards just leaving blogs on there... that would eliminate Entrecard and Adgitize (and others) as referrals, but I'm not sure if that is fair. I'll let it run the way it is for a good week or two and then decide as to how I will tweak the widget. If you guys want to have your own, check it out E-Referrer. It's free to sign up and use and it's definitely a nice little perk to be able to provide a link to those sites that provide traffic to your blogs. Later!


  1. whoo hoo I'm your top I'll have to check out the website, thanks for passing on the info.

  2. Interesting widget. I can definitely see the good from using it. It also will show you which sites are giving you the most return for your efforts, so that is another thing to think about. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It's great to see what sites have been referring traffic to your site, not sure if I could squeeze it into my blog though ;)


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