Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wanderer Thoughts Vol. 1 Poetry Book Review

Hey there.  Do you know why poetry is so awesome?  I'm certain that the question may be answered with many different responses.  And that, my friends, is the reason why poetry is so awesome.  Poetry is art as words.  The same way a painting can have different meanings to different people, a poem can convey that same effect.  Words can be a powerful medium.  The author can use a set of words to not only create a meaningful composition but use those words in such a way that the meaning can be whatever you interpret it to be.  That's pretty awesome, if you ask me.  But what if the author is restricted by certain words?  Can you imagine an artist creating a beautiful visual using only a set amount of colors?  Justin Germino, the author of Wanderer Thoughts Vol. 1 did the equivalent of that.

Justin collects words given to him by his Twitter followers to create poetry.  Twitter users provide Justin with words during his daily Random Twitter Poetry Game and he creates a daily poem using those words.  He has amassed quite a few words and has created well over 600 poems.  Vol. 1 takes some of those poems and gives us a glimpse into some of the poetry that Justin has created.  Some of the poems may be whimsical while others are more dark.  Personally, I love the first poem in this volume, The Lust Queen.  It flows seamlessly and paints a clear picture.  It's exactly what I would expect from a well versed poet.  But don't take it from me, go and check it out!  If you have a buck to spend, go ahead and get the book and check it out.  If you are part of Amazon Prime, go ahead and borrow the book.  It's a great read and something that every poetry enthusiast will enjoy!  If you are interested in checking out some of Justin's this and other poetry, make sure to check out his site of poetry, Wanderer Thoughts.  Later!

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