Thursday, November 29, 2012

Get a Life Podcast Coming Soon to Metallman's Reverie

Hey there.  It's time.  I'm ready to make an announce.  Trumpets please!  Brrrrr brrr BRRRRRRRRR!  We are starting a PODCAST!  Whoo hoo!  And the name of said podcast???  Get a Life!  lmao!  Who's excited?  I'm excited!  I say we because I will not be alone in this new project.  I've been thinking of changing things up here, at Metallman's Reverie, at first thought that maybe some video posts would be a welcomed change.  After doing my guest spot on the DragonCast on, I decided that I wanted to start a podcast.  One day, while chatting it up with one of the cohosts of the DragonCast, Brian, we thought it would be a great idea to start a podcast where a couple of guys sit around and discuss video games.  Now... this is not going to be a straight forward, information only, type podcast.  There will be no scripts involved and the converstations to be had in regards to games, their impacts on our lives and the impact that they have on the gaming community, will completely be had on the fly.  In other words, this podcast will be about a group of friends, with different personalities, just chatting away and throwing their 2 cents on what's going on in their world of gaming.  The only thing that will be missing is the couch and few beers.  lol  What's not to like?

Brian is well versed in interviews and all things podcasts so I'm extremely grateful and thankful that he will be a major part of this show.  His technical know how is what is making this show happen.  lol  We had a lengthy conversation this week about what the direction of the show will be and whether or not we would be open to adding to the group as the show progresses.  While talking, there is a chemistry between us that I believe will only get stronger.  I am confident that we can have a pretty entertaining show and hope that as the show gains in popularity, we can have special guests on the show!  Maybe even cover some major conventions on the show!  Maybe even get some corporate sponsors!!!  Hey, a guy can dream, right?  lol  

I'm excited.  The first show will be recorded this weekend and we should be live after some editing.  I have already reached out to a friend to create a logo for the show and I am currently working on creating an intro song.  I'm pretty excited to see what the graphic artists can come up with in regards to a logo.  Also, considering that this is a gaming podcast, I was thinking of something "8 bit-y" for the intro music.  I'm still messing around with those ideas and I hope to have it finished by this weekend.  

So what do you guys think of a podcast?  What do you think of the name?  Is there something you would be interested in hearing on the show? I am still tinkering with ideas as to how we can make this show for you, the readers.  Maybe we can have a weekly poll on games that you would like us to discuss?  Maybe have a reader's question answered on the show?  Without you guys, I wouldn't have a site, I wouldn't have any readers, and I wouldn't be making a podcast!  I definitely want make this a show for the people so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!  So... let's get this bad boy started!!!  Later!


  1. Great! Awesome! let's hear it! Will this be a daily or weekly podcast?

  2. Hey there Chris! It's going to be a weekly podcast and I'm hoping that the first show will be ready for the masses by next weekend!

  3. Hey everyone! Hope you guys are ready for a very kick ass show! Victor and I are gonna make this one bad ass and very entertaining show. If anyone has any ideas, comments, suggestions or just wants to criticize us then go for it by commenting here!

  4. Let's do this, Brian! I can't wait to get started!


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