Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Keep Track of Your Child's Developement and Milestones with the Baby Zoe App

Hey there. As a parent, I love to keep track of the milestones that my kids achieve. Whether it be the date when my baby first crawled or walked to when they lost their first tooth. Unless you have a physical calendar that you keeps for years and years, this information can easily be lost. That is... unless you have the Baby Zoe app. The creators of the Baby Zoe app, Rusten and Karen Gomez, are like any other parents, worried about thier kids' health, what information needed for their doctors, and what could be done to ease the uncertainty that many of parents have with healthcare. The Baby Zoe app helps in all those areas and more! You can find the Baby Zoe app at the Apple App Store and at the Google Play App Store and the best part...  It's FREE!

The Baby Zoe app is an interatice app that doctors, parents, and even friends, can view your child's day to day developmental status. This is EXTREMELY helpful for parents of newborns. Using the Baby Zoe app, you can easily log in how many times your baby was fed and whether or not the baby went #2. This information is vital to determine whether or not the baby is in good health and developing properly. The app can also store milestone information for personal use. Can you tell me the exact date and time your child started walking? Most of us can't. If you were to log it in the Baby Zoe app, you can! It's great to know these things especially when the young ones are older and ask about their time as a baby. But where the Baby Zoe app really earns it's stripes is it's ability to share the information with doctors.

You can provide your doctor with copy of you log and he can very easily and because the information is accurate as opposed to an estimate, he can better determine the health of you child. You can also log in prescription medications and thier doses so you'll never forget how much and when the meds should be taken. The app also has the ability to track several children so you those of us with lager families can still use the app.

So what do you think of the Baby Zoe app?  I love how when a problem arises, a solution is created. My wife would have loved to have an app like this when our child was a baby. She kept records of what she could in a baby book. The problem with the baby book, though, is that it can be damaged over time. Feel free to check out the Baby Zoe app website for additional information. It never hurts to be a bit more informed. Especially when it comes to the health of our children. Later!

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  1. I wish my parents had a babyzone app when I was a child. I can't remember a lot of important dates in my life that would have been interesting to know for my own kids. I'd like to see how it changes within the family line!


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