Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Pepperoni King

Hey there. One of the perks that my wife and I have at our job is that my mother in law lives close by. We rarely spend any money on lunch since we're usually treated to a home cooked meal. Today, we were treated to some pizza. My wife, being a semi-health nut, brought her healthy meal from home while I scarfed down some pie.

But what's this?!?!?! As I open the box and pull out a slice, this king sized pepperoni stares back at me and yells, don't eat me!!! Have you ever seen anything like it? lol Damn... I almost felt guilty putting it in my mouth. It dwarfed all the other pepperoni slices! I kinda just looked at it in awe for a minute before it decided to jump off my slice and hit the floor, escaping certain death. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Metallman - 0

Pepperoni King - 1

I bet it would have tasted heavenly. Now, I will never know. Knowing what I know now, I will not stare at it in awe next time. I will just devour the sucker. Hell, I might decide not to chew just to show it who's boss. That bastard! *sigh* Until then... Later!


  1. Alas, you may never run across a pepperoni that large again! I hope at least you own a dog that ran up and grabbed it so that some critter enjoyed that unique pepperoni.

  2. Holy moly! Looks like ring bologna. I love how you stopped to take a picture before finishing it so we could marvel at the size of your pepperoni. At least it looks half-eaten to me. If not, there's more weird stuff about that slice than the topping.

  3. Hey, maybe it was a know, like you just won a big log of pepperoni or something...

  4. Darn...I just hate it when the giant pepperoni escape.

  5. Hi metal. visit my blog. i gave you a butterfly award. i hope you like it.


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