Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Qualcomm Stadium to be Temporarily Renamed to Snapdragon Stadium

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Snapdragon by Qualcomm. All opinions are 100% mine.
Hey there.  If you are a football fan, then you are familiar with the names of some of the stadiums across the United States.  There's Lucas Oil Stadium, The Meadowlands, Arrowhead Stadium and for you San Diego natives, there's Qualcomm Stadium.  The naming rights for a stadium usually lies with the highest bidder and in this case, the local San Diego based company, Qualcomm, has been awarded that right.  But what do you do after the novelty wears off?   Qualcomm is already on the map but you need to bring more exposure to the products that you produce.  Qualcomm is taking the naming rights a step further and are proud to announce that as of last Sunday, Dec. 18th, they will temporarily change the name of the stadium from Qualcomm to Snapdragon Stadium!

Snapdragon processors by Qualcomm are the digital brains inside mobile devices made.  The San Diego based company has been a leader of microchip processors for quite some time and you'll find their new Snapdragon processors in some of the most sought after mobile devices on the market.  Devices such as the Samsung Galaxy II and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.  The processors power the ability for us to stay connected while on the go.  After working for months with the city of San Diego, they were granted permission to change the name and all of the fixtures in the stadium.  The new name and look with be showcased during some college bowl games.  More specifically, the Poinsettia Bowl (Dec. 21) and the Holiday Bowl (Dec. 28).  And in case you missed it, the Snapdragon preview came last Sunday during the Ravens and Chargers game!

It's definitely something to keep an eye on.  In a world where advertisements are everywhere, I do not recall a time where the name of an arena or stadium was "temporarily" changed.  It will interesting to see if stadiums across the US will follow suit and have new products be the temporary name sake of the stadiums.  So what you do you think?  It's a bold move, for sure, but will we see more "temporary" name changes in the future?  You're thoughts.  Later!
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