Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bed Rest: Day 2

Hey there. My wife is going insane. She says that she already did everything that she can do while in bed rest. She's already watched movies and TV, we've already played board games, she's read a book and magazines, she's gotten online on her laptop, and she can't get laid, lmao, there's nothing left, according to her. She's pushing me to find a wheel chair so that I can get push her around the mall. She says that her mom has a wheel chair and I can go get it so that she can get out of the house. I'm taking the bed rest thing seriously. I try to help her get up and go to the restroom and I really try not to let her get up at all. She's sending text messages to all her friends asking them to help her. A friend just suggested that I lay down next to my wife and she can kick me a few times while she yells, "You did this to me!" lmao Oh man, that was hilarious.

We are watching The Simpson's movie, but we've seen this already so my wife is tuning it out. We're about to watch Quarantine in a few minutes. We recorded it on DVR so that we can watch it at a later time. That time is now. Well, when she's done laughing at all the text messages she's received. lol I'll catch ya guys later. Later.


  1. Awww that poor woman. I was lucky enough in my first two pregnancies not to have bed rest, but by the third one, it was pretty much required. It was the absolute most horrid time ever. Lucky for your little woman, you seem resolved to do the one thing my ex could not: HELP HER OUT!!..

    One little trick. Even with money so tight now a days, try bringing her home little odd things. Whether it's a single flower you think she might like, or a little odd book or so. Otherwise, keep doing like you are, and good luck to you both!

  2. Good for you trying to help your wife as much as you can.

  3. i had the same experience as you's really icky to be staying home all day and i did it for my whole 6months of pregnancy (had a preterm delivery)

    just take care of her. what my husband did? he gave me a lot of animes and movies to watch but when i do get tired...i stay at the garden and talk to our landlady's twin daughters :)

    amazingly, i survived! lol!

  4. Seriously, find some TV series on DVD because they go on forever. Like Entourage or Lost or something like that.

    Good luck!

  5. Hey there. We're trying our best to do things together. She's getting pretty tired of watching TV so I'm not sure how much more movies and TV she can watch. I'm going to get her a few books. I already have a few suggestions that she's thrown out so I'm going to look for those fore her. Later.