Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bed Rest: Day 1

Hey there. Yesterday my wife went in to see her doc for a check up. And guess what, she placed my wife in bed rest. From what I remember my wife telling me, the doc said that she's having light contractions and she's dilated 1 cm. My wife told her that she's still working and Dr. Bohn pretty much said no more. My wife did look like she was having trouble walking and she was having some stomach pains. She showed up at work following her doc appointment and pretty much told everyone that she's not coming back until post baby. lol Some people refused to believe it. Especially since she wasn't scheduled to be out until late September. Now, she's bored out of her mind being stuck in bed.

I helped her over to the living room and we've been hanging out here, watching some movies. We caught Be Kind Rewind and are now watching some movie on Lifetime. I don't have the remote with me and I'm too lazy to get up and get it. lol So yeah, I'm watching a lifetime movie while writing this post. Once the movie is over, I'll be playing Rock band with the kids. I promised them that I would play with them this week since I've been putting it off for quite sometime. They want to play some kind of marathon gig in the game. Something along the lines of a 12 song set list that needs to be completed in one sitting. You'll have to start from the beginning if you don't get through it.

My wife feel asleep. I don't think we'll be playing Rock band anytime soon. She needs to rest and take it easy. It looks like Baby Metallman will be early. It's just a matter of how early. I'll keep ya posted. Later!


  1. Good luck, I have two children and was in the delivery room for both. Though my wife had to be induced twice since the babies never wanted to come out.

  2. I hear that bedrest can get pretty boring pretty quickly... hopefully all will go well and she will manage to keep herself entertained. Best of luck to your growing family :)

    A Lil Enchanted,

  3. I'm sure you'll be the good daddy and husband and take care of everyone while mommy's on bed rest. I've sent up a quick thought for the safety of both of them, and the rest of your brood.

  4. Hey there,

    Yeah, I'm doing my best to keep her company but you can only do so much to keep her entertained. We've watched all kinds of movies, she's been online some, and we've napped together too. I think I'm going to suggest a few games of Scrabble since I beginning to think that she's tired of watching TV. Thanks for the well wishes! Later.