Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to School Night

Hey there. Last night was back to school night. It's usually a huge snore fest since it's the teachers going over the student's learning plan for the year. The highlight of the night is always the one piece of work that they showcase for their parents. Our daughter showcased a poem and our son went with a drawing of himself. Check em out below:

Our boy is always drawing stuff and our daughter is always writing so it doesn't surprise me that this is where they headed towards their one piece of work. I love the drawing, it resembles our boy and the poem is off the charts. lol I substituted her name with "Metallman's Daughter". I don't have her permission to post it, but because I'm daddy, I'm sure she wont mind. This was definitely the highlight of back to school night. Later.


  1. The poem and the drawing is SO GREAT!!
    You have wonderful children!
    Absolutely brilliant work!
    Cheers and good luck in the school!!

  2. Great poem and drawing. I can see why they were the highlight of the night.