Friday, September 4, 2009

To Comment or Not to Comment

Hey there. I've notice something while I was blog surfing the other day. As I read posts and comments (yup, I actually read posts and their comments. lol), I noticed that many blog owners respond to each and every comment that they receive on their posts. This intrigued me. I'll see a post that shows 15 comments, or something like that, but when I check em out, the blog owner owns roughly half of the comments. Is this proper blog etiquette? I thought about it for a minute. If I see a post with several comments, I figured that many people had something to say about the post, and when I see that it's the blog owner with half of those comments, it makes it seem misleading. At least to me anyways. But then, here's my dilemma. If people comment on posts, is it because they have something to say, or is it because they plan on engaging in a conversation about the post? I asked this question to myself since I am not one to comment on each comment that I receive. Should I? I'm at odds as to whether I'm going about commenting all wrong. In my opinion, I've said everything I had to say in the post, so there would be no need for me to respond to comments, but if I don't respond, does it make me come off like a jerk? I don't ignore my comments, I read them, and occasionally respond to a few but it's something that's been on my mind for a few days and wonder if I'm the only one that feels this way. I'm at odds as to where I should go with this. Maybe after reading a few of your comments, I'll decide on whether on I should respond to comments or continue doing what I'm doing. Later.


  1. I don't think, if you don't respond to people on your own blog, that your a jerk. I try to visit the blog of the person who left the comment, and sometimes leave a comment on their blog.

  2. Hi Metallman... Sometimes I comment on the comments and sometimes I don't... it just depends on if I have something to add or not. So I would say to just do what you feel comfortable with doing :)

    A Lil Enchanted,

  3. It depends on the comment. More often than not I'll visit their site and leave a comment. But I've never had enough comments or anything said that I feel a need to respond in kind. If that were to ever happen, then I would most likely respond.

    If I have something to say to a comment, then I would reply on my blog. Seems fair to me. But not replying doesn't make you a jerk.

  4. I've learned to wait until there are a few comments before responding. Yes, some of us are "friends" and we do respond to each others comments, kinda like blog email or something. Some folks like to be acknowledged and some folks leave very detailed comments - it's whatever you want to make of it.

  5. I reply to comments in my blogs only if the commenter wants to get clarified. That is if my commenter queries about something I missed on my main blog.

  6. Hi, eKusinero here! Nice topic.

    For me, i think there are some comments which needs a response. Being the blog owner, you are in the best position to answer the comments for the specific topic since it is your idea, however, if you think that answering comments is unethical then that is your prerogative.


  7. Well, I try to respond to the comments IF they warrant a response. I don't just respond to comments for the sake of responding. If it is a "discussion" type comment I may reply with a agree/disagree to keep the conversation going.

    If a comment really does not warrant an intellegent response ... ie: good post ... then there is really no need to reply.

    I love to hear varying opinions and thoughts on things ... even if I do not agree ... so I like to support that atmosphere by responding to the comments ...

  8. i used to wonder the same thing as you.. in the meantime, i still respond to their comments.. maybe i have to reduce it

    Fyzal's Territory

  9. I sort of feel like you do.I respond on my blog only if I have something that's needs clarifying.
    I do however click on everyone who has commented.I check their blog and see if I can return the comment.
    You have to do what you have to do.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I was always confused about which was the right way to do this so to cover all the bases I do comment on my own blog (usually to several people in one comment) then I also visit their page and try and leave a comment there

  11. Hey there,

    Wow, that's a lot of feedback. Thanks. I think I'm going to go a different route. I know that sometimes a comment deserves a response so what I'm going to do is that once I receive 3 comments in a post, I will respond with a comment of my own, addressing the three that commented and then repeat. I'm going with that for awhile and see how that works for me. It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one that has wondered about this. Later.

  12. I'm one that will return a comment if there is an inquiry. If not then I don't. I feel as though I generally have stated what I wanted stated and that's that. But I will respond when needed. I've also often wondered what others thought on this subject too so thank you for asking. Oh...I'll also try to visit those blogs that belong to my commentors.

    Oh...found you through BlogUpp!

  13. Dude you are thinking about this way too much.

    When I get comments, I try to reply to people who are new to my blog. If I don't recognize the handle, then I try to give a quick reply back (via email hopefully - I hate replying within my own comments) and also add, "thanks for stopping by!" If it's a repeat person who keeps commenting, I will reply every once in a while, especially if they give a good long comment. But when someone just says, "Heh that's funny" or something short, I don't think that person is expecting a response.